Technic Disc Changer Mk II

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Hi everyone!

Now that I have been admiring all great builds people have done for a while, I have finally gathered enough courage to post here one of my projects.

I once made a disc changer for Xbox 360 and that was perhaps the best building experience I have ever had. Me and my friend decided to redesign a similar gadget now since the first one had some flaws we would like to fix and creating something incredibly useless is fun... And the former disc changer was not complicated enough :devil:

The old one:

The new one will be completely different but it will have some features from the old one:

  • the grabbing mechanism was great and I will use similar one in this one
  • I will definitely use pneumatics as they are very practical and super cool

However the changer needs some tweaks

  • I want it to be faster, I do not know how to do that but I have an idea... The former one was something like 40-45 seconds, I will try to cut that down to 20s.
  • It would be great if the discs were protected from dust
  • I want it to have to many moving parts
  • It needs a custom software for phone or computer controlling the device

Here is what we have done so far, it will hold the disc and rotate when needed.


This design has several advantages: the disc are compactly but separate in the end of the conveyor making it possible to grab them in the middle. It is also very easy to expand if 30 discs aren't enough. The disadvantages I haven't found out yet :sadnew: .. The slots for the discs need to be adjusted a little and the colours aren't matching.

The track in the middle needs to be quite tight to hold the system together so I made tensioner using a spring. There is also a rail for the track to keep it in place which is not easily visible in the picture


Now that I am quite satisfied with this I will move on to the robotic arm that will move the disc from the storage to the console and back. I have many ideas but right now this type appeals to me most:

I will try to make a similar one with a disc grabber. Actually I have the tool for grabbing and turning the disc horizontal built but I will post it here later when the arm has gotten some shape.

I would really appreciate ideas and comments, especially ones regarding building techniques as I haven't practiced for a while... Please tell me also what you think about the arcs that support the disc slots as I am not sure whether to be proud of them or not. Other ideas and comments are of course welcome too. But if you suggest me to make it simpler I won't listen :classic:

Do you think it would be a good idea to add an extra slot for a disc next to the console? Then the arm could just take the disc out and put it there while the storage selects the wanted disc. Then the arm could place the wanted disc into the console faster and after that place the first disc into its own place in the storage.

There is a lot of work to be done but if the arm and storage works it should be fine.

Now I am going for a vacation but I will return in a week


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I love your jukebox.

Why did you choose to make an ellipse rather than a circle?

Don't you think that a circle would be faster?

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Why did you choose to make an ellipse rather than a circle?

An ellipse is more compact as there is less empty space in the middle and the discs are close to each other while in a circle they should have a gap for the grabbing tool. An ellipse makes the needed gab when the discs turn around in the ends. I also like the looks of it.

I don't think it will have any effect on the changing time as the storage has plenty of time to position itself while the previous game is taken out of the console. The changer would place the previous game back into the storage only after the wanted disc was placed into the console.

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