Official Records : The Ténotclaxcans

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The Kingdom of Ténotclaxca

Nickname : The Kingdom of King Azuma

Colours: Red and Yellow

Quick explanations :

This is the official page of the Ténotclaxcan tribe, the main tribe of the island of Berelli.

It is a story purpose topic, approved by SkaForHire.

Please don't use it to BUMP old builds from more than a month ago.

It's not a settlement, nor a new faction ! So no membership will be allowed. Everyone who is building in the realm ruled by king Azuma of Ténotclaxca is invited to post a link of their build in this topic, in order to follow what is built in the natives villages.

This topic is made in order to develop the story around the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans, the tribe that, according to them, rules the island of Berelli, recently discovered both by Corrington and Eslandola.

All the informations you will see here are from MAESTRO Eslandolan trade company and Corrington scientists observations.

Quick glance :

The main tribe of Berelli is named the Ténotclaxcans, this name come from the name the natives gave to the island of Berelli : Ténotclaxca.

They are open minded natives with proud traditions. That's not preventing them to be great traders too.

Their main activities are oriented towards agricultural development, with great bananas plantations and towards fishing. They are naturaly pacifists but their warriors are well trained jungle scouts and are very dangerous in jungles and mangroves.


1. Leadership

King Azuma :

The young new king of the Ténotclaxcans.

He add access to the throne a bit to soon, at the trgic death of his father by the hand of Oleon soldiers during the first encounter the tribe had with them.

He is thinking he rules the entire island, but, although he has the religious support, some Ténotclaxcans, grouped in the south of the island are not recognizing him as the king.

And the far north east of the island is so dense in vegetation that the Ténotclaxcans are going very rarely in this area, except some shamans for ritual purposes.

It is said by the Ténotclaxcans themselves that the jungle is special in this area, the forest could have some conscience, and could plan very intelligent traps to kill who ever would try to threatened it...

Zumo de Kapayas :


She is the high priestess of the tribe, rank easily seen thanks to her ritual double parrot hat, one of the specialty of the Ténotclaxcans is their magnifiscent hats. Every member of the tribe has strange headgears to show their rank or their job in the society.

She is the protective aspect of the religion of the tribe. She is leading the tribe spiritually when the king is leading the tribe on the island. She gave her support to the new king and have organised the main diplomatic encounters with the "men of the west", the new arrived colonial forces of both Eslandola and Corrington.

The Oleon forces are not welcome since their first encounter with the Ténotclaxcans ended in a battle where Oleon men where thrown at sea and where the tribe lost his previous king.

Pinya :


She is Zumo de Kapayas' daughter.

She is the most enthousiast friend of the MAESTRO men in Berelli. She is ready to help them develop the land for the new welcome settlers and she is ready to share her views of the Ténotclaxcan religion.

She is promised to a shaman career and will succeed to her mother in this job.


2. Landscape :

Here is the map of Berelli showing only the Ténotclaxcans positions :


The Island is mainly covered with jungle and mangroves.

The realm of King Azuma is mainly centered aroud the 4 main rivers of the island.

The far north east is made of very dense forest and mangrove, it is very dangerous to go there without been well prepared.

The south is normally good agrarian land, but since the tensions between King partisans and King protesters, the land is no more ruled with wisdom and care. This situation made the welcome of the Corlander explorers a bit cooler than the one Eslandians settlers received.


A view of the jungle of Berelli, by SkaForHire


A meeting in the Berelli jungle, by Elostirion


One of the Kings' grave near Portal Cove, by Faladrin


Ténotclaxcans in a ritual to the Mother Sea in Portal Cove, by Faladrin


3. The Army :

Ténotclaxcans have not regular army in the same way of the main western coutries. Here, every citizen, male or female, is able to handle axes, spears or dart blowers.

In case of an attack, all the tribe is at war lead by the king himself !


A boarding team used in small rapid raids, by Faladrin

The "navy" force of the tribe is quite limited.

They have few pirogues, dangerous for river attacks, or mangrove ambushes, but a part from little catamarans, used for fishing, the ships available for the Ténotclaxcans are not much.


4. History and Culture :

The Ténotclaxcans worship a main god of the creation, also nicknamed the Monkey God, due to his monkey appearance.

They have an animist vision of the nature mixed to that religion, and every spirit of natural manifestations are subject for rituals and offers.

The power of the society is held by both the King and the High priestess.

The Ténotclaxcans are pacifists; so the main decisions are mostly centered around what to plant and where to go fishing...

But since the arrivals of men from the west, the society is changing. It has been said that the strangers were here to accomplish an old prophecy, it has also been said that they were nothing, just good enough to be thrown to the fish.

The Ténotclaxcans are divided and some tensions between King partisans, thinking that the "men of the west" are the prophetic men they were waiting for, and King haters, thinking those men are dangerous and should be sent to their boat are becoming threatening the peaceful tribe.

It appears some villages have local traditions that others Ténotclaxcans are not following. There is more a diverse mix of local traditions all linked by the religeous power that always find a way to justify why some are doing like this and others like that.

Many old traditions are more old techniques passed generation to another. For example, some fishing techniques are unique to some villages.


Pearldiver in trouble, by Elostirion


Hot Coals ritual, by BrickOn

The continuing of the story will be unveilled in the future


5. Diplomacy :

Since the arrival of men from the west, the Ténotclaxcans have to build some diplomatic position, something new for them.

Zumo de Kapayas and her daughter Pinya are the main leaders of the Diplomatic encounter, by now.

Intern troubles :

Due to his access to power too soon, the young King Azuma is facing dangerous foes inside his own kingdom.

He had to act strongly against some other tribes he is maintening under his rules. But another sorcerer is trying to make secession and is leading some of the natives to a way of human sacrifices and to war. Hopefully, Corrington and Eslandola are here now to help the King to make good order in his kingdom !


An Andequota woman is asking Corrington help, by Skaforhire


The Torturer of Berelli, by Skaforhire

Ténotclaxcans relationship with :

- Corrington : Friendly

- Eslandola : Friendly

- Oleon : Unfriendly

- Sea rats : Indifferent


Edited by Faladrin

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I made an update, since some recent witness recorded an activity in the Ténotclaxca tribe.

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