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Hi everyone!

A bit late to the party, but I only recently discovered the Nexo Knights theme and am now collecting all the sets - I believe I have most of them, apart from Merlok's Library 2.0, Lance vs. Lightning, some of the Ultimates and a few of the smallest vehicles (Chaos Catapult, Minitrex etc.).

Personally I think the theme and most of the sets are really good (always loved the castle-meets-magic-meets-technology mix), but it has some weak points. For example, some vehicles turned out to be (partially) very flimsy - most notably the Rumble Maker, which looks amazing from the front and then more like a skeleton from the back. Also, some design choices are a bit odd - e.g. why promote the tower part of the Tower Carrier as "a safe place to store the Evil Books", when in fact the 'safe' is just a removable treasure chest, that actually won't even close when it has a book inside...?

However, as said, most of them are really cool, particularly the later sets, even if I preferred the lava theme over the stone one. 


My favorite sets:

01. Jestro's Volcano Lair

02. The Fortrex

03. Knighton Castle

04. Jestro's Headquarters

05. Clay's Rumble Blade

06. General Magmar's Siege Machine

07. Axl's Tower Carrier

08. Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

09. Jestro's Evil Mobile

10. The Stone Colossus


I'm really happy that there will be another wave in 2018! I just hope that poor Macy will someday get a more impressive vehicle than the two so far :)

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Though not a legitimate source, I will point out that KIMCartoon has just made the entire 4th Season available in English should anyone desire to watch it.

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The nexo knights magazine has been rocking it with the minibuilds, but I have to say upcoming minifig inclusion is also rock solid fantastic! :tongue:


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