[ESL-CH1-A] Silent encounter

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On his trip to the capitol to see if his cousin Renaldo Cuervo had truely returned, his crew decided to hunker down on a small island as a small tropical storm loomed on the horizon, which they knew they would not be able to outrun. The sun was high when they arrived but would very shortly be covered in heavy dark clouds.

24430150103_052fbd2841_z.jpgIMG_20160215_202238609 by Jesse

Mauney, on Flickr

-Jim Cuervo "go ahead men and gather any supplies you can find, water, fruit you know the drill make it quick who knows whats lurking in the jungle stay in pairs, one head up as lookout, one to gather, be back at camp by sunset"

-Will Pepper "No need to lecture us boss we got it covered, we will be in and out of here before you know it"

24761408400_593756bbb2_z.jpgIMG_20160215_202132639 by Jesse Mauey, on Flickr

Little did they know they were being watched as soon as they set foot on the island, the natives had rarely seen foreginers and always decided to lay in the shadows unless a sense of danger was present in which they would not hesitate in retaltion towards any new arrivals.

OOC. final shot is just a over view of the MOC

25057003565_6f7224be4d_z.jpgIMG_20160215_202104276 by Jesse Mauey, on Flickr

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Nice! Love the thick vegetation and the flower stalks make a good looking addition to the palm trees. I didn't even notice the natives until the second picture!

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Very nice jungle scene, the bushes and trees are excellent, and I'm liking that bit of a river too (although it would probably be a good idea to have it going somewhere, as it seems to just magically stop all of the sudden right now! pirate_laugh2.gifpir_laugh2.gif) Cool figs as well, I hope you can steer clear of those natives! pirate_wink.gifpirate_classic.gif

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