[K - G10] Aggressive Wildlife

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Location: G10 Onix

Tags: Exploration

Last time, in Ender's story:

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Ender was confused. The reports he had heard from Octan seemed to indicate that the Zoids were a evil race bent on the enslavement of other races. However, one of Kawashita's leaders, Narbilu, had explored the possibility of working with the Zoids and 4 other races so they could be all that bad.

23824858923_4fb9d6801f_s.jpg Secretary, I think I need to set up a meeting with a representative from A.L.I.E.N.

24569282376_d7ee5fb0ef_s.jpg Does your "thinking" involve enough confidence for me to go ahead and schedule the meeting Sir?

23824858923_4fb9d6801f_s.jpg I can tell we're going to have to work on your android programming.

24569282376_d7ee5fb0ef_s.jpg Yes Sir, I'll begin right away.

23824858923_4fb9d6801f_s.jpg No, begin after you set up an appointment for me. I need to get to the bottom of this.

Ender had been on his way to the meeting with a Zard that his android secretary had set up when he meet some of the predatorial life Onix was known for.




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I agree the squares work surprisingly well. I'm looking forward to your meeting with the Zard. It will be cool to see A.L.I.E.N. again.

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