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1 hour ago, Gray_Mouser said:

Any idea why I end up at simpsoncity when I click on the link? 

That's too bad, this tool is just what I need right now.

Because the server admin (me) messed up when he activated ssl last night. Meanwhile, try this link :

Edit : Fixed ! Thanks for letting me know !

Edited by Malou

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Neat! Thank you!

So now, let's say I want to buy some of my bricks on lego website, I still have to look at all the bricks one by one right? The thing is, sometimes price and availability vary if you want to buy a replacement, or buy a new brick. Is there a way to know which feature to use?

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I do have the code to fill a cart on their website, but modern browsers don't allow me to execute javascript on another website for security reason (which is normal). So yeah, you have to pick them up one by one when you actually want to buy the bricks. If you're very with browsers console, I could give out the way to do it manually, but if you never used the console, might be easier to do it brick by brick.

I usually use the "new bricks" method. The software give out those price too. I would only use replacement for actual replacement of sets I bought.

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