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[ESL - Duel Res.] An Onfortunate Victory

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After the Impartial Judge had explained the rules, the two duelists put themselves into "En-Garde". And when the Judge raised his hands and brought them close to each other, the duel started...



Elysabeth felt her breath rasping through her row throath. The duel had been going on for almost a quarter of an hour, and noone of the two was any better. They hadn't even touched each other! Altough she was quicker and more flexible then Hugo, he possesed more force, really good reflexes and - most important - a better endurance. She had to win this duel quickly, or she would have to give up. She already felt the rapier becoming heavier and her reflexes slower.


"There! A gap!" Not only Elysabeth was tired, or so it seemed: Hugo had, warding of one of her thrusts, managed to put a little too much weight on his fore feet. If now she managed to let him put only a little bit more on it, he would be of balance and as easy a target as the wooden dolls she trained on. But how to do that? She saw only one ay, and that was backing down a bit, to let him think she was so tired she couldn't defend anymore, and so seduce him into attacking her... She took a step back...


Hugo was tired! He had never fought against such a worthy opponent... And he had to win quickly, otherwise his endurance would leave him... And with the depart of his endurance would come his loss, since that young girl didn't seem tired at all! Or wait! She stopped defending herself, all of a sudden she seemed to tired to lift her weapon. She had to back down! If he attacked now, he would have great chance of winning! Elysabeth took a step back...


Noone ever saw the poo Elysabeth steppen in, but everyone could hear the breaking of bones when she did...


A moment of silence hung over the street. Then she screamed... Noone would ever forget how she screamed.


Don Isaac Montoya was tired. Yes, he liked duels, and yes, he liked that girl. Bur they shouldn't keep fighting the whole day! He had a ship leaving soon! But enough of that, he was a judge, and as such, he pointed his attention back to the fight. With his trained eye, he saw that Hugo was making a fault: too much weight on his front feet. This was the moment for Elysabeth to win. He looked to her, and saw that she had seen the same. To put Hugo even more out of balance, she stepped back...

When the sound of breaking bones reached his ears, Isaac flinched. But when he saw Elysabeth collapsing, face distorted from pain, he was the first to reach her.


As a former ship-doctor, Isaac immediatly saw that things were grave. The bones were broken, and if he was right, more then once.

"Is there a specialist in the neighbourhood? Quickly!"


Afterwards, the two remaining judges decided to give the victory to Elysabeth. Both participants had fought well, but they had seen the fault Hugo had made in the end. As such, she had won a victory. But how a victory...


Finally another build from me, hope you like it! I loved my duel entry so much, I decided to expand. Oh, and I'm quit proud of the story, so any thoughts on that...

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Well well, that is some victory!

As I ahve already commented on the build when you last posted it, I will only add that the posing here is nice. pirate_blush.gif

As to your storytelling, I have a few comments. I am not offended, but observing the below observations, would avoid people getting so in the future.

When you chose to represent the thoughts of other people's figures, you are on risky ground, and you should be sure to be able to represent them loyally to the original thoughts. Therefore, thorough research may be in place, and any questions or doubts might best be resolved by direct consultation with the person behind the sig fig. Allow me to illustrate.

A closer research into Montoya would have shown you that he has infact studied medicine and worked as a ships surgeon, which makes it rather unlikely that he should cry out for a doctor, or not respond himself to such a cry. (Source: Intro) I see no reason why he should try to conceal his true identity in this regard. pirate_tong.gif An easy fix of this would be to have him refer them to the local healer and her specialized skills in broken bones, after quickly diagnosing the injury.

A small fix like this would have made this story fit much better with mine.

Further, I wonder at your choice of outfit for Montoya. I understand that we are all somewhat limited in our choice of bricks, but this outfit seems rather out of character for him. pirate_tong.gif Care to elaborate on your choice?

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Interesting story and good job posing the duel scene. The expanded setting looks terrific too. But Bregir raises some good points about using the judges' characters.

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