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Charlemagne's Residence in Budd-apest

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-What Has Past-

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“…So you see, if the Desert King were to ally with The Black Spire, it could be very beneficial for the both of us” stated the vampire.


“Kyran, I don’t see why you persist with these advances,” started Charlemagne, “I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again that while the city of Budd-apest fought on the side of the Desert King, we have no sway in his policies.”

“Yes, but the rumors are well known of your involvement in the war Charlemagne, or should I say the Scarlet Magnolia?” replied Kyran.


“Yes, well, rumors are just that” stated Charlemagne.

“Nevertheless, were such a person of influence to recommend a course of action to the Desert King, I’m certain it would be well received” continued Kyran. “Just remember, Budd-apest is not that far from the Nocturnus borders. There is much unrest in our guild still, and Lord Raavage would be a powerful ally. I would hate for your fair city to become a casualty were another war to break out and you were found without enough… ‘protection.’”

Morpheus, one of the Leanders Charlemagne rescued from the Ulandians growled, “We don’t appreciate threats, especially not in our own home.”


“All I ask is that you think about,” replied Kyran.

Meanwhile, at the front door, Wyndor and Valanice where met by Balthazar.

“Hello,” began Wyndor, “We’ve been studying at the library and were told we might find it faster to speak to the master of the house. Is he in?”

“It depends,” was Balthazar’s answer, “Who’s asking?”

“We are travelers from Mitgardia” answered Valanice, “We’ve been researching…”


“Say no more!” interrupted Balthazar, “As long as your aren’t from Nocturnus, I’m sure Charlemagne will be willing to speak with you. Would you mind waiting in the garden until he is available?”


Wyndor and Valanice wandered around the small garden admiring the different plant life. Valanice stepped over to one of the corners and was admiring a broad-leafed bush when a rabbit hopped out.

“Oh!” she said, “Well aren’t you cute!”

“Are you A.L.I.C.E.?” asked the rabbit.


Valanice stepped back in shock. “Did you just talk?” she asked.

The rabbit just tilted its head at her and then hopped away. Valanice turned to Wyndor, “Honey, the strangest thing just happened to me!”

Before Wyndor could say anything Charlemagne walked into the garden.

“Thank you for waiting, I had to get away from unwanted solicitors” he said, “I am Charlemagne and this is my wife, Hildegard and my advisor, Morpheus. Balthazar tells me you have some questions for me?”


“Thank you for meeting with us” replied Wyndor. “As I’m sure you’ve heard, we are facing a threat in the North by a race of beings that are nearly unbeatable. What research we’ve done has led us to believe that dragon forged weapons will allow us to combat these fiends. We were researching where we might find such weapons at the Library of Budd-apest when the librarian said you might be a faster source of information for us.”

“Indeed I have heard of your plight with the Algus” answered Charlemagne. “As for dragon forged blades, I can do one better. How about a real dragon?”

“Dragons are hard to come by and not something one gives up readily” said Wyndor. “What’s the catch?”


“When I rescued Morpheus and Balthazar from the Ulandus, we came back to Budd-apest with dragons” said Charlemagne. “It turns out that the Ulandians had information on how to find and train dragons that had been lost to us generations ago. With their help, not only have we been able to care for the dragons we brought back from Ulandus but we’ve found signs of a small clan of dragons in the Rakath Mountains. With some coaxing we should be able to match you with one that will be willing to help you.”

“And you’d be willing to do this for us?” asked Valanice.

“Of course!” answered Charlemagne. “I’m something of a sucker for people in need of help.”

“Well,” said Wyndor, “Please lead the way!”


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Nice portrayal of Kaliphlin here! The colors of the vegetation along with the Desert stone of the buildings look great.

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Very pretty setting with all those unique plants around :thumbup: The new elves fence part works well for a railing there, and I like how you outlined the roof with SNOT 1x1 round tiles :classic:

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That's a pretty garden and home, and on another note, seeing as Buddapest and The Reach aren't to far from each other, a legion of goblins could be at your disposal in no time..

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Intriguing story! I wonder what that bunny is up to...? The flowers on the roof are very nicely done, and that front door looks great :classic:

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Beautiful build, MKJ! As the others have said, the various flowers are excellent, I especially like how you used brackets for the vine on the side of the building :thumbup:

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Good job, I think it might look better on a raised base, the tan baseplate used makes it feel a bit flat. Also, nice use of the lavender leaves. :thumbup:

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I love all the vegetation in this build! Nice work with the Kali architecture, too.

I agree with brickcurve, some groundscaping would improve the build, but I really like the build overall.

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