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Lord Alexander's horse business would not be complete without a way to draw in new customers. What better way than to have a blacksmith shop to serve the community? Whenever anyone in Arlingsport needed a new horse, Alexander's horse business immediately was spoken of. They also spoke favourably of his son Micah's fair management of the business.

Gregory the blacksmith enjoyed his work. Early in the morning the shop, he would head to the shop to start for the day. By the time Charles would come by with a horse to be shod, Gregory would already be working with his bellows and hammers making some new iron design for usage in the houses of Arlinsport.





Advice and critique welcome.

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Nice Blacksmith, Silent Wolf! The outside is looking a little basic, but you have included a lot of great details on the inside, like the raw bars of metal and the bellows. Good to see Arlinsport grow! pirate_blush.gif

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That is one seriously red roof, with a nice blacksmith shop underneath it! :wink: It's a basic arrangement but I like it, and the first two pics showing opened & closed are a good idea. The bellows is interesting - I had to study the design a bit but it makes good use of the parts, especially the upside-down dish/saucer. All the tools and raw materials help bring it to life.

I understand the temptation to show people working sleeveless in hot environments, but my understanding of blacksmith attire is that heavy clothing was preferred to protect against sparks. At the very least normal sleeves and a vest or apron were typically worn, plus some good leather gloves during the actual forging of the wrought iron. I've watched recreated historic forges in operation and it looks like sweltering work that would require incredible stamina. Also, a visible chimney would be nice, and would improve the exterior views quite a bit.

But those are minor concerns. This is a good companion to your horse business storyline.

Good work and keep it up. :classic:

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