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Jurassic World custom mod

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Hello! This is my first post on Eurobricks.

I had some spare Jurassic World stickers and I figured out that I can build some additional structures that will go along nicely with the dinos. So I transformed an police station, changed some pieces and created some kind of outpost . Let me know what you think :)

24778252452_d57131f0e0_z.jpg12696567_1166148920069581_1463571670_o by Anda Diaconu, on Flickr

24600700380_7089f4ff34_z.jpg12674731_1166148916736248_1869590731_o by Anda Diaconu, on Flickr

24269294253_fabc15d80e_z.jpg12669976_1166148913402915_985352213_o by Anda Diaconu, on Flickr

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I like the idea very much - it feels like it shares the traits of the Gyrosphere Centre with the kind of wooden yet modern design aesthetic it goes for, so as a Jurassic World piece, this definitely fits right in! :classic: I'm interested - what did you opt to put in what was originally the Jail Cell area? I'd probably put in a briefing room or an ACU Armoury, but that's just me as I loved the ACU in the film :tongue:

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