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All of a sudden while at work, this idea came to me and I got so interested.


  • Bus as 42008 C Model
  • Good looking as much as I can
  • include bus details as much as I can
  • pneumatic door and baggage driven by pump compressor
  • motorized drive as a 3rd function (what else a bus has to offer?)
  • manual steering
  • easily removable battery

Parts: approximately 930 parts out of 1276

Build time: around 3 weeks


  • C Model, hence no parts outside 42008 allowed
  • 42008 presents the folloing challenges:
    • not enough lift arms to build a floor in the passenger area
    • managing the available quantities of Green and Red beams to build the bus body and
    • make a good choice where green and where red goes.
    • weak pneumatics

  • I'm new and this is my 1st serious try, I only built 42008 before this.

In general I'm satisfied by the end product. Next are things I think could be better:

  • hiding the pneumatic hoses, got lazy at that.
  • sliding baggage door, (couldn't figure out how to do that)
  • more sturdy/smooth steering
  • two doors rather than one
  • using the white gear

I may try to enhance this later (as a free MOC), but for now I will go to build

some car sets to learn more about vehicle functions. I will start with 42029.

Thank you for having a look.







Remaining parts (around 340)


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What a cool idea! I haven't seen many Technic buses. I think it's good alternative model if I consider it's your first one.

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