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My story

For this modular (creator) building was that the Boat Repair Shop is based for a creation to fit in the Sea front Village. I built this one on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). I really believe that this model could have a lot of genuine interest for fans of my Sea front Village sets. This is the second of a series of modular (creator} buildings that I will be submitting.


If you're looking for trusted boat repair in Sea Front Village you've found the right place. With a full team of highly-trained technicians, Our Service Department has become one of the most trusted boat repair shops in Sea Front Village. From plastic boat repair to marine engine repair. our state-of-the-art equipment will get you back on the water as quickly as possible. The following is a list of the boat repair shop items:

Minifig: Technicians (Carpenters), Captain, Fishing man.

Boat: 2 type models,

Tools: Drill, Screwdriver, Saw and more.

The building consists of roughly 2460 parts and a boat ramp with a crane, work floor, and storage- attic. I used the colors sand yellow and olive green for the building that gives it a realistic feeling. And Siding technique for the clapboards. The roof just sits on the recess so it’s easy to take of and put on.

If you like this design or the idea of the Boat Repair Shop – Modular (Creator) Building

please support and follow (LEGO IDEAS) thanks for reading and Brick On everyone


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Nice work!! I like all the textures and detail you've got going on (such as the roof windows that seem partly boarded over)

The boat ramp is a cool touch too - excellent stuff!!

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