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33 minutes ago, M_slug357 said:

Not bad @Digger of Bricks!

It seems as though most train related projects focus heavily on the engine though....

That's actually a really good point.  I bet a complete, not ridiculously detailed (i.e. expensive) set - something like Bachmann's "Old Timer" set done in LEGO, complete with track, would could get more votes as adults, in particular, might think it's actually a good set for kids while those detailed engines would get a pass.  I still doubt it getting enough to succeed, though.  The Christmas trains I've seen on ideas are fairly complete, although maybe they focused too much on the Christmas aspect.  I also don't think they emphasized having a complete, run-able set out of the box (meaning "nothing more to buy," not that it doesn't need to be built).

EDIT: something like the Lone Ranger train, but a complete set, modified for PF, with perhaps slightly larger (and a couple more) cars, including a caboose, full set of track - maybe even with something interesting added, like a turnout.

I'm dreaming, though.  Then you'd want individual cars sold separately, and structures (or maybe they just bring back the western theme).

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14 hours ago, M_slug357 said:

Seen any noteworthy projects on Ideas recently...?

Steamtrains, BR01 was created on September 11th and currently is sitting on 1439 supporters.


There's Steamtrains, BR93, created on Septmeber 12th currently sitting on 392 supporters.


His third engine BR52 was previously identified in this post, and currently has 393 supporters.


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His engines are gaining steam fast! Personally I like the train projects that include at least a passenger coach, (or more) lol! :) 

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