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Settlement: Eltina, Le Bellan, Oleon

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This thread encompasses all builds within Eltina, on the island of Le Bellan.

Name: Eltina

Ownership: Nation of Oleon

Location: Le Bellan, Jewel of Oleon (Sea of Storms)

Mayor: Romain, Mousquetaire du Roi @Bodi

Who can own property in Eltina: Anyone

Who can freebuild in Eltina: Anyone





Oleon's second colony in the Sea of Storms is situated at the southeastern coast of Le Bellan, at a day's distance from the island's administrative center, Breshaun. Eltina is mainly a sugar plantation hub, with most of its trade centered around sugar canes that are harvested and mainly sent at Breshaun and then back to Oleander mainland. A small quantity of sugar is also sold to the Eslandolan traders of Eltina and Breshaun.

Eltina doesn't have much to boast at the moment as it is currently shadowed by Breshaun, but His Majesty's royal civil servants have plans regarding the settlement. The biggest current construction project is deepening its harbor and improving it, in order to withstand the great waves of the eastern Sea of Storms. But that may take some years in order to be completed. As with Breshaun, most of the dwellings are still wooden.

Natural Growth:

  • --


Additional Forts in Protection Range:

Monopoly Properties:


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Eltina has grown to become a Large Town - congratulations, and thank you to all who contributed!




May it live, grow and prosper!


Vive le Roi!

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