Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

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This thread encompasses all builds within Breshaun, on the island of Le Bellan.

Name: Breshaun, City of Light

Ownership: Nation of Oleon

Location: Le Bellan, Jewel of Oleon (Sea of Storms)

Mayor: Darlin Sisnera (Robinnilsson403)

Who can own property in Breshaun: Anyone

Who can freebuild in Breshaun: Anyone





Oleon's biggest city in the Sea of Storms is situated at the mouth of Zeusrun River. Breshaun is not only the administrative center of Le Bellan, but has grown to be a cultural beacon and economic powerhouse of great reputation, far beyond Oleon's borders. Founded as a testament of our nation's will to explore and colonize, the city honors the heritage of general Breshaun - founder and patron - and with its robust defenses, protected harbor and sizable military presence, Breshaun protects Oleon's interests in the region, and serves as prime gateway to project His Majesty's will onto New Terra.

Its most important exporting goods are still sugar canes produced in large quantities by the many sugar plantations, mainly held and run by Oleander nobility or their squires. But beyond that, Breshaun has developed into a center of the silver industry - mines in the hinterland of Le Bellan as well as on other islands provide the precious resource for the factories, filling the city's coffers and of course those of the Royal Court in Granoleon.

Because of its administrative nature and the number of nobility living around the settlement running their plantations and chateaus, the city has acquired a taste for good living and a bustling social life, as balls and any kind of festivities are often held at the Mayor's mansion or at the Loggia, the house where the nobility likes to do business and pass its time when not hunting with hawks or owls. Despite the recent economic boom, most of the buildings are still wooden, but the settlement is currently part of a huge redesigning project headed by the famous King's architect, Roseabeau. Oleon must show its glory in the colonies!

Natural Growth:

  • 5% Natural Growth.  Each month currently adds 7 NPC Residences.


Additional Forts in Protection Range:


Troops stationed in Breshaun:

Troops managed by Breshaun:

Monopoly Properties:




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Robinnilsson403 has graciously accepted the position of mayor for the largest colonial settlement of the great Oleon Empire. May the new mayor and this settlement continue to prosper!


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Congratulations, robinnilsson403, and welcome to the inner circle pir_laugh2.gif

May your reign over our fine city be blessed by the Gods!

Vive le Roi!

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Thank you! I hope I don't make a mess of this. As soon as Dhl and the swedish postal system hand me my latest orders I will show you the mayor himself.

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...if someone would like to update the list in the first post I'd be happy. pirate_satisfied.gif

Be happy. :monkey:

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Thank you for helping grow Breshaun and the Oleon Empire. :bonaparte:

This Town has been seeing some wonderful growth this month. :thumbup:

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