[REVIEW]: 30605 Finn (FN-2187) (polybag)

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Today a short review of minifig polybag set.

First a few official information

30605 Finn (FN-2187)

Year: 2016

Number of parts: 5

Minifgures: 1

Price: promotional item

This is quite rare SW polybag so far. Its current availability is unknown, you can only find it on internet auction now.


Standard polybag packing, showing Finn in his Stormtrooper outfit on the desert of Jakku. Artwork with Kylo Ren as in this year other LEGO SW boxes.


24753060275_1379e35e3c_c.jpgIMG_0814 by Marek, on Flickr


24726869086_76525d94d0_c.jpgIMG_0815 by Marek, on Flickr


There are only 5 parts, 4 minifig parts plus standard SW blaster. Unique to this polybag and to minifig are legs and torso. Hair and head are the same as in other Finn minifig from the Episode 7 Millennium Falcon and the Battle on Takodana

24635290012_a2321f18b5_c.jpgIMG_0816 by Marek, on Flickr

24726828166_ddec99082c_c.jpgIMG_0819 by Marek, on Flickr

In the polybag comes also small folded poster showing gallery of 2016 sets and minifigs.

24659605341_985ac1d2e6_c.jpgIMG_0817 by Marek, on Flickr

24126200383_a77c3470ee_c.jpgIMG_0818 by Marek, on Flickr


As the polybag comes only with minifig plus blaster so there is almost nothing to build, except the minifig which is superb in my opinion. Showing Finn in his stormtooper armor but cover with dirt stains from Jakku sands. The polybag is I think a very nice addition to SW minifig collection, the only minor flaw which I notice is that it could also consist the stormtrooper helmet for Finn.

Front printing and the first face expresion

24124855604_3f3d48444b_c.jpgIMG_0820 by Marek, on Flickr

Front printing and the second face expresion

24457492000_44f35e9cb3_c.jpgIMG_0822 by Marek, on Flickr

Back printing

24124837224_226cefbd14_c.jpgIMG_0823 by Marek, on Flickr

Finn in action

24385341179_4f1f59897d_c.jpgIMG_0831 by Marek, on Flickr

I hope you like it.

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Great review and really nice pics. I would bother going after this if it had a sand weathered helmet, but as it is, it feels incomplete.

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How do I pick one of these up?

Suprisingly this polybag start showing in Poland, I saw few auction on polish auction site called Allegro. Now they are few listed there by legaly running firm.

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Should have been the May 4th Figure ahhh well. Excellent looking figure. Certainly disappointing there was no helmet included but it continues to show the high quality TFA mini figure line!

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It would have been better with the helmet, but I guess technically Finn didn't have his helmet on Jakku. Also, blood stains are pretty much a no-no for Lego. But they did do bloody bandages for Starkiller: http://brickset.com/...er-s-Apprentice

And yes, this minifigure is 300% better than the May 4th fig. :angry:

Edited by Junior Shark

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