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Settlement: Port Raleigh, Annetta, Corrington

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This thread encompasses all builds within Port Raleigh and on the island of Annetta that belong to Corrington.

Name: Port Raleigh

Ownership: The Crown of Corrington

Location: Annetta (also known as Berelli) in the Sea of Thieves

Mayor: Erie Flynn [skaforhire]

Trade Value: See account summary

Town Bank: See account summary

Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: 153.5DB/200DB

Who can own property in Arlinsport: Anyone.

Who can freebuild in Arlinsport: Anyone.



On the settlement of Port Raleigh:

According to the official history of Corrington, Lord Erie Flynn, a well-known Corlander navigator first caught sight of the island Annetta in 615 AE. He explored the island, named it, and then sailed back to Belson to present his findings to the Queen's court. She granted him governorship over the island. However, while he was away, the Eslandolans had publicly claimed the island, which they called Berelli, they even planted a city in the best harbor, called Elysabethtown. It was to Flynn’s surprise when his Royal Sloop, Vengeance, arrived off the mouth of what he had named Snake River, on his first voyage to Annetta, and found the fledgling town in operation under the MAESTRO Trade Company.

Lord Flynn, with a governor’s commission under his belt, sailed to another location he had found when he discovered Annetta, off the River Queens, on the Southeast end of the island. It did not have the natural harbor that the Snake River had, but it led deep into fertile planting lands. The first public work after the administration buildings would have to be a light house, as a reef right off the river was tricky to navigate – this of course would also add to the defense of the harbor. It was there on the south bank that he began surveying and laying out Port Raleigh, named after the Queen’s mother, Raleigh Anastaza Rose Mandaran.

Builds in Port Raleigh:

(Please help us out by posting a link to your Port Raleigh builds in this thread.)

Properties: 67/61

Size for EGS purposes - Level 4 'Large Town'

Required for level 8 'City'

Artisans: 15

The Flask and Flagon, small artisan, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

Townsend's Scribing Service, small artisan, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

Cherry Blossom Tea House, medium artisan, Port Raleigh (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size)

Royal Artillery Depot, Royal artisan, Port Raleigh (via Ayrlego) (+10 settlement size)

Doctor's Office, small artisan, Edmund Babbington (+1 settlement size)

Commerce: 12

Government House, small commerce, SkaforHire (+1 settlement size)

The Velvet Room, small commerce, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

Koyuki's Al Fresco Seafood Bar, small commerce, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

The Ivory Tower, medium commerce, CelesAurivern (+2 settlement size)

The office of Lavendwood Commercial Trading, small commerce, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size)

Port Raleigh Lighthouse, medium commerce, Flavius Gratian (+2 settlement size)

Port Raleigh Harbour, medium commerce, Flavius Gratian (+2 settlement size)

Dockside Warehouse, small commerce, Port Raleigh (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size)

Count Mesabi's Study, small commerce, Mesabi (+1 settlement size)

Factories: 10

Glassworks, small factory, Fuzzy MacFuzz (+1 settlement size)

Sugar Mill, medium factory, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size)

Grand Rum Factory, large factory, Port Raleigh (via faction collab) (+3 settlement size)

Sugar Extraction, medium factory, Port Raleigh (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size)

Miller, medium factory, Port Raleigh (via LM71 Blackbird) (+2 settlement size)

Residences: 8

NPC Residences: Corrington, 3 small residences (+3 settlement size)

Lotii Quarter, medium residence, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size)

Plantation worker's quarters, Flavius Gratian (+2 settlement size)

A Superbly Stately Statehouse, Mesabi (+1 settlement size)

Art and Culture: 2

Atelier d'Mozzarelli, small art and culture, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

Representative Mitchell's Office, small art and culture, Mesabi (+1 settlement size)

Education: 6

Port Raleigh School (The smallest school in the world), small education, Fuzzy MacFuzz (+1 settlement size)

CorTéx Language and Cultural Research Institute, medium education, CelesAurivern (+2 settlement size)

University for Lotii Studies, large education, Corrington (via Puvel) (+3 settlement size)

Plantations: 8

Merryweather Lumberjacks, small plantation, CelesAurivern (+1 settlement size)

Banana Plantation, small plantation, Faladrin (+1 settlement size)

Sugar plantation, small plantation, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size)

Sugar plantation, medium plantation, Flavius Gratian (+2 settlement size)

Potato plantation, large plantation, Spud the Viking (+3 settlement size)

Mines: 2

Rock quarry, mine, Fuzzy MacFuzz (+2 settlement size)

Forts: 4

Flynn Blockhouse, medium fort, SkaforHire (+2 settlement size)

Fort Redoubtable, medium fort, CelesAurivern (+2 settlement size)

Other MOCs:

Duel on the beach, Capt Wolf

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Someone here is asking for troubles! :rofl::laugh:

No, I'm hoping on a good cooperation!

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Glassworks and Stone Quarry at Port Raleigh has been added to Port Raleigh

[Licensed: Twice; once for glassworks (factory, small) and once for quarry (mine, small)]

[settlement value: 2]

[Trade Value 10]

25992176845_322a60d286_c.jpg20160322_084423 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr

Edited by SkaForHire

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I updated everyone's value -- settlement value is not the same as trade value, trade value goes 2 (if not like a property) 5 (small) 10 (medium) 15 (large), Settlement value = 0 if unlicensed, 1 if small or medium, and 2 if large.

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A sugar mill to more efficiently process raw cane. Licensed as a medium factory.


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