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Jacob Nion

[TheFrozen Beyond, Cat C] Skaven Incinerator

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Haha, I had a similar idea. Very well done! Algus doesn't stand a chance!

Thanks! I hope Algus are defeated now after all the effort everyone put in.

This is brilliant! And those bellows are awesome!

I would not want to be in the way of that thing.............nice work here!

Excellent build, Jacob! Love those bellows, and the stove is great as well :thumbup:

Superb landscape to go with it too :classic:

Thank you guys!

Oh yeah! That's how to get rid of the Algus :thumbup: Superb bellows, and stove design, plus some great landscaping :wub:

I'd rather have the Algus as an enemy, then your resourceful and cunning rats :classic:

Haha, yeah, everyone should fear my ratty engineering.

Great build - congrats on the 3rd place :D

Thank you! In fact it was the first place of category C.

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Man, the crazy things that go on inside your head to conjure up such ideas!

Seriously though, this is insane! For a giant, self-propelled, bellow-powered flammenwerfer, this thing looks very functional and realistic!

The landscaping is boss, so is the posing (those rats working the bellows...) and all the other great little touches. Too cool, great work buddy! Like SK said, those rats are not to be messed with!

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