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[O - E02] The Empty Homesteads on Jurin II

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Location: Jurin II - E02

Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building

Space over Jurin II is clear, for now, and open for Octan Pilot John Hannibal to search for his Jurin colonists. When reports of the hostile invasion came in, Hannibal feared the worst for all of the families the had recruited to Jurin II. He knew they were a hardy bunch, but the wretched outlaws of M.A.N.T.I.S. were equally horrid and violent. What they would do to a family of colonists kept Hannibal from sleeping for the last two weeks.


As soon as Octan's fleet got to Donwarr, Hannibal got his cargo ship out of the system before any orbital skirmishes could close off his route. His ship was loaded with supplies, but the main objective was to pull as many women and children out of E02 before M.A.N.T.I.S. came back for more rape and pillage.


Deep cargo hold underneath the cockpit.


"John, I'm picking up a heat signature inside, but it appears to be from the fireplace. Nothing human, that is alive at least. I'm sorry John."

"What's the count up to, 14?"

"15 empty homesteads John."

"Well this one at least has a hot fireplace, maybe they left recently. I'm going to go check it out."

"John, there's something else. Two cold-blooded life forms are in the trees. They look like octopuses."

"The Jin's mentioned these

before. I think they're suppose to be friendly, but I wasn't expecting them in this area. We relocated the Jins to the RTMP sector for that very reason.


"Just watch my back, I'm going to see what's going on inside."


"JOHN!!! STOP!!!"


"Mabel?!? We've been looking for you and the colonists. Where've y'all been sweet girl?"


"Oh lovely John, don't take another step, the house is a trap. Ma Jin set it when George was killed by those nasty M.A.N.T.I.S. thugs."

"George is... poor Ma. Um, thanks Mabel. What kind of trap? Anything to do with the octopuses in the trees?"


"Kind of, it's a really nasty trap, but their just here to clean up so we can catch more Manties. You remember those flesh eating plants on the jungle floor? Well, the Juries, those octopus guys up there, helped Ma bring some up to trap any marauders that wander up here. Between the rumors of the Jin's moonshine and the heat signature from the fireplace, I bet we've taken out more than 20 of those jerks. It's hard to tell sometimes with the way we find them."

"Okay, slow down Mabel. Why don't we go sync you up with Dora and we can go find Ma."


"What are you carrying back there anyway?"

"Oh this? I'm in charge of moving supplies since I can lead any Manties into those plant traps. I've got mostly weapons on this trip. Just got done helping the Tysons shoot down a scout ship that had been trying to find a way to their home. A lot of the homes are further down in the canopy and hard to navigate to, not like this one, Ma wanted this spot up high so customers could find their way in."


C&C appreciated. I hope you M.A.N.T.I.S. bums like the new nickname.

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I love the engines on Hannibal's cargo ship, and sand-green is a wonderful color for the homestead. All in all, a great build. :thumbup:

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Wow, another fantastic ship! You did a really nice job with the shaping - I like how the roundness of the engines is carried forward into the middle section and the cockpit. The little drone (?) is cool too - I think you've got just the right amount of greebles to make it interesting without losing the sleekness.

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Nice use of sand green and the ship looks really good too! :thumbup:

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Wow great builds! The speeder is my favorite. It looks like what I'd expect an octan speeder to look like. Your homestead is really cool too.

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Besides the ships, I love the use of foliage here, and how Mabel's dialogue sounds old-timey :grin:

Edited by rodiziorobs

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