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Lady K

[M - E01] OMG Is That A RHHC(1).... ! ?

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Planet: Donwarr (E01)

Date: 31 Janurali 3816

Mission: To Analyze Design Of / Destroy Octan HydroComm Unit

Team: Lady Kianna / ORB (in combat mode)

Tags: Engineer, Land Vehicle, Spying (Sabotage), Piracy

Engineer's Log: Remote location on Donwarr, Octan HydroComm Unit

ORB and I have arrived at the remote location of Octan's Flagship HydroCommunictions Unit. The design is very simple yet very effective. A central communications tower is powered by the four power units at each corner. These four units convert enery from the vast water source directly below the structure. This gives the entire unit zero emissions which in turn hide it from all sensors.......until today, that is.


24712130606_0c3fd74ced_s.jpg OK ORB this is it. Strange no one is here.....the communications we intercepted indicated a repair worker would be here.

24370674739_1ced5c301c_s.jpg Well, um....yes it is strange......


These outer poles are the ones the message indicated were weak and needed repair....grab that one over there ORB and I'll grab this one.


On the count of three we pull hard and run once they start to fall. If they fall on us we could be killed from the power surge.....


Good job....wait....what is that..!!?


24370674739_1ced5c301c_s.jpg My Lady Kianna...may I introduce RPC (RoboticPowerCart).

24644815031_23c5f647b9_s.jpg Squeak, #### Hello####.

24712130606_0c3fd74ced_s.jpg Nice to meet you know him ORB?

24370674739_1ced5c301c_s.jpg Yes.......and I have to admit...I knew the signal was from him. He wants to join us and leave Octan for M.A.N.T.I.S. Octan has all but abandoned him with jokes about ancient PC technology. In his prime he was a highly respected member of any repair team. After my leaving, others now want to follow in my path.

24644815031_23c5f647b9_s.jpg Squeak,####Yes,Please####IGoWithYou####

24712130606_0c3fd74ced_s.jpg So, I am know starting a home for unwanted, outdated robotic tech......Sure why not!

24644815031_23c5f647b9_s.jpg Squeak,####Yeah,ThankYouLadyKiannaAndORB####MyNewFriendsForever####

24712130606_0c3fd74ced_s.jpg The two of you follow me..........WAIT.........IS THAT A RHHC(1)? With Awesonium injected fuel rocket engines, rotating map system, superior sound system........! And a M.A.N.T.I.S Plasma Cannon mounted on top?....Ok, this baby is going with us!


24712130606_0c3fd74ced_s.jpg Are you feeling that sub woofer Kawalski.....

24370674739_1ced5c301c_s.jpg Would you like me to give you some options Skipper.....

Finally, all the builds together...


Thanks for viewing and reading. C&C always welcome. The longest story with photos for me yet.... :laugh:

Edited by Lady K

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Great trio of builds, I especially like the Octan unit! The red vehicle is really cool too, great choice of color! :thumbup:

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Great build Lady K! :sweet: I especially like the Octan rover, and the detail you put into the comms unit, very well done! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Thank you. The rover was fun to build, and it is my first vehicle that I am happy with the way it turned out. :classic:

Great trio of builds, I especially like the Octan unit! The red vehicle is really cool too, great choice of color! :thumbup:

Thank you. I wanted to see just how much detail I could get into a smaller build. The hover rover turned out so well, you may see it again in a later build without the plasma cannon. :grin:

Nice build Lady K. Stealing more robots from Octan. I like the RHHC. Great use of the shields on the front.

Thank you. I wanted a cross between a rover and a space street racer style. :laugh: And the robot, RPC, well.....he decided to join us...and I'm sure more obsolete units will be showing up in other builds.

Great details everywhere, I especially like the comms station.

Thank you. :sweet:

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