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[ESL-FB] The Fontonajo Gardens in Nova Terreli

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Right outside of Nova Terreli you can find the mansion of the Fontonajo family (leader of the family is Román Fontonajo). Attached to their mansion are their cotton

plantations as well as their private gardens. After this year's annual family dinner the Fontonajo's spread into smaller groups and enjoy some of the luxury which life

in the new world has already gifted them.


For Isabella Elisa, Román Fontonajo's 16 year old daughter, and her grand-uncle Raphael, a mere 55 years older, it was clear from the beginning where to go: The

table next to the small pond, their favourite spot in all Nova Terreli, except maybe the library. Isabelle shared her grand-uncles love for scholarships, most of all for

cartography. Drawing the world, retaining for generations what the brave explorers have found, is their greatest passion.

"Umh Isa, those are some nice details on the forest... mjm... yes, really well.", said Raphael, while eating his cupcake. After some silence, Isabella took the word and

asked her grand-uncle something she had had in mind for quite a while: "Uncle, do you agree that scientists are the better people than us scholars, writers and

drawers?" Raphael took a while to order his thoughts, as he always did, before wording his well-phrased answer: "My dear, I disagree. It's scientists, or even explorers

like your brother, who strive for new perception and awareness. But how does cognition become knowledge? Right, my dear, the only way is to write it down, to solidify

it, to spread the word, to maintain it for our ancestors. If it wasn't for us, scientists would have to reinvent themselves every generation, and mankind could not progress.

So, if you really want to determine who is more valuable to the world, the answer should be clear." Isabella thought for a while until she answered: "Neither would

contribute to the greater good without the other." - "Ah, you're still a clever girl... Mjm, you should really get one of... umh mjm... those cupcakes, they are delicious."

Marja Henrietta, Románs sister, smirked at those words as she maundered by. Little did those two sweethearts know of the world. But she enjoyed the time with her

family, the time away from King and court, away from duty, away from politics, intrigue, strategy and pressure. She looked at the flowers, took a sip of whine and walked

on. This was the beauty of life, for sure, but her passion was with her job for the king. And so she thought again of her latest mission, that weird encounter she had...


"What a silly slogan that Manzana salesman had... 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'", Román laughed. "Yet still it worked",

his mother Marietta replied, grinning. "Naw, we needed those anyway. But something else... what do you think of Joaquin's plan

to sail to Berreli? He is only 20, after all, and I don't know if he is quite ready yet". Marietta thought for a while, then looked at her

son: "I remember a 23-year-old, who took matters in his own hand right after his father had died, left all and everything behind and

led his family to the new world. Were you ready for it? I guess not. But look where your courage and dedication has gotten us, my

son." Román seemed unusually insecure as he replied: "I know, and I have always sworn myself to encourage my kids to pursue

whatever they dream of, yet still... he is my son, after all....... Yes, I am afraid, mom, I am." - "You have already answered your own

question, right? We both know you will let him sail. Just have faith that he will return home well, that is all the advice I can give." -

"Thanks mom. I love you, you know that?" - "A mother cannot hear those words often enough."


"Victor Servadac from the White Glove order has written. They accept our suggestion for the cotton pricing", Juan Alfonso Fontonajo

told his mother. "That is good", Clarissa Raltessa Fontonajo replied, "this must be quite a machine they have constructed". - "Oh

indeed", Juan replied. "However", he added, "I am with Raphael on that one. It's better to let others try and error and then take the

final result and use it for your needs." Clarissa laughed: "Oh I am quite certain that's not how your grand-uncle meant it, but you're

right nonetheless".

They wandered the gardens for a while, arms linked, and enjoyed the beauty of their home. After some silent minutes Juan took

the word again: "I have plans, mother." He made a pause, giving her the chance to reply: "I know you do. You always do. That's

what makes you special after all, makes you stand out. Your father is a man of action, of change, of quick decisions, of daring

and of progress but also risk, of empathy, but also weakness. Your grandfather was a ruler, he was never weak, upholding the

ideals and values, always prevailing, a leader to look up to, but sometimes even stubborn, and his eyes closed towards the future.

You combine the better of both of them. You are to shape the new world." She proudly looked at him, while a shiver of joy ran

down Juan's spine. He thought quite highly of himself, knew he had potential, knew he was great at many things, but those words

came rather unexpected, even for him.

"And now tell me about your plans", his mother said.


Román knew his youngest son Alejandro Baltone would still take quite a few years to find his own identity in life. Right now all he

did was look up to his older cousin Franjo, who had nothing else in mind but becoming the same brave salesman, soldier or even

hero as which idolized his father Rialto and especially his elder brother Heliodoro.

Sure, Románs brother Rialto was a man of adventure, of the sea, and so was his wife and were his children. Franjo was no ex-

ception. But Alejandro... Román doubted he would become a fighter. Maybe a captain, maybe even an admiral of a fleet, but

surely not an armed soldier. For now, however, Román was fine with his son Alejandro enjoying his youth and trying desperately

(yet forlorn) to stand his ground in "battle" against his cousin Franjo.


It was quite late, already. The other family members had already gone to bed. Not so the men of adventure. Románs brother Rialto

Espada and his wife Anna enjoyed the company of their son Heliodoro and their nephew Joaquin Seramon (Románs second son).

Whine and cherries, what a delicious combination after a big meal. They had been talking and discussing for hours and there indeed

much to talk about. Heliodoro had just joined a private army, while Joaquin was about to set sail to new islands alongside Ivo

Fortesque. Anna had just led a trip to the still partially undiscovered jungles in the middle of Nellisa.

Rialto, however, remained rather silent. Román had ordered him not to talk about the plans the two had discussed together with

Románs son Juan Alfonso. But maybe he would soon be able to set sail again himself, being captain of... but that was for the future

to show. It was about time to follow Joaquins example and refill his goblet once more.

For better comprehension of the texts a small chart about the Fontonajo family members:


I know presentation and photography are not super awesome for all of the builds, but I'm afraid I can't change that too much anymore. When I build the family dinner I started building some small builds to present the family members, however those quickly turned out to be more than just some small "sideresult", so I decided to take my time on presenting them. However pictures were already made and all but the first build have been partially disassembled already. Anyways, I hope you like the builds and the additional insight it provides into the members of the Fontonajo family in Nova Terreli.

Edited by Elostirion

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That's a great sery of builds! I really like your vegetation, in all of the builds!

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Your storytelling is magnificent! I really got carried away with it, like I would with a good book. You really bring the Fontanajo family to life. Nice little scenes as well.

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Nice scenes !

You've got Great storytelling skills !

Erh... My slogans are not silly they are always accurate and true ! ;p

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Your extensive storyline continues to build and build. I await the next chapter; keep up the great work! And thanks for the character chart, there were a few too many characters for me at one point.

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Interesting family you got there!

The builds are nicely done as well, the first one the and last one looks best imo.

Love those cupcakes and it’s very clever to actually have wine in the cups :thumbup:

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This is my favorite form of Lego storytelling - illustrate each scene with its own unique build. :pir-wub: It's very well-written and the builds are nice. I especially like the first garden scene - so full of nice details - and the last pic of the interior with the magnificent floor, table setting, lanterns and flowers. I like the overgrown vines in the third pic too. Overall it makes for an interesting and beautifully illustrated read. :classic:

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A very nice series of builds! thumbup.gif Really like all the different vegetation!

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Excellent series of builds and story Elostirion, intriguing approach involving an entire rather extensive family! pir_laugh2.gifpirate_wink.gif Very nice work on pretty much all of the builds (though the three in the middle could probably benefit from some more texture on the ground), but that last one in particular is wonderful! pirate_classic.gif

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Amazing introduction to the Fontonajo family! I really like this way of presenting it, with a scene for each. While the first and last builds certainly stand out, but they all serve their purposes well.

Aaaand, that matrix with the family names in the end was probably a good idea... pirate_wink.gif So many characters! pirate_laugh2.gif

If you need approval, hereby! :thumbup:

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Very nice gardens, great story and I certainly am glad that I'm not the only one left building in Nova Terelli!

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Thanks for all the nice comments, I really appreciate that many of you actually read all my text. :-)

And yeah, I am quite aware that builds 1 and 5 provide a lot more detail and quality than the others.

... and I certainly am glad that I'm not the only one left building in Nova Terelli!

So am I, the city provides way too much potential for only one or two people to build. I hope more will follow the call.

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