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[Frozen Beyond, Cat A] : The last outpost

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Here is the last part of my Frozen Beyond participation :

The last outpost :

The 2 other parts of the story are :

Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?!

Mom is really angry !

After a while rebuilding the old border outpost between Falahuas and Circardia, Walaheria and Faladrin reinforced their position just in time to see the Algus last attack begin !

They were just 4 of them but there was an Algus sorcerer with them !

The sorcerer brand his staff and threw ice bolts at the door of the outpost.

The door was near to break when Faladrin and Walaheria ordered the couterstrike !

- Come on guys ! Don't let those abominations break the door ! Throw them the flamable oil ! Bring me some fiery arrows !



Noihe and a guardsman put oil on fire and dropped it to the Algus.



Walaheria spoke some elvish words and her sword blew a fiery wind upon the Algus !

And they were over...


Every Algus in the Enchanted Forest was melted !

Thank you for reading.

Some Bonus Pics :

The Bad guys :


The Great heroes :


At last I could finish this contest !

There are so many great entries, I am pretty sure I can not pretend to any prize (especially in the Cat A !) but I wanted to make the full contest ! And yes ! it's done !

And I enjoyed building out of my comfort zone ! (Especially in the Cat B, I had never built a beast before !)

Thank you Ecclesiastes to organise this contest and good luck everyone !

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That's a Nice castle! You're improving quickly! I especially like the walls, the roofs, adn the minifig-posing :thumbup:

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Congratulations on completing the challenge! You are indeed improving quickly, I think this is your best build yet! I like the towers section the most, with the roof and the great textured round wall :thumbup: The minifig posing is definately a highlight and does quite well at obscuring the fact that you don't seem to own most commonly used 'Algus pieces', I should try that myself, as I face a bit of the same problem. I'm looking forward to your next builds! :classic:.

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Thank you very much !

You have guessed well Exetrius, I don't own any of the traditional "Algus pieces" !

I made with the fig I have, principally some old castle guys and some CMF combined together.

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Excellent build! The dark blue roof is really impressive and the wooden sections make for a nice contrast with the stone :thumbup:

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Cool fortress,and I really like your fig combos here, both the Algus, and your warriors :thumbup: The Avalonian colors are a nice touch on the walls :classic:

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