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Lasse D

8134 Night Crusher review

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Most of you will probably remember PaulC's superb review of Bullet Run (You know, the one where he converted it to minifig scale as well!). You can see that set as a classic LEGO flagship set (like the City airport, fire station or any LEGO space station). These flagship sets do always have some large vehicle (plane, fire truck or mother ship), but there is always another set where you can buy an even larger vehicle. Bullet run has three large trucks, but Night Crusher has the even larger truck.

This set cost almost half of what bullet run does (180kr vs. 400kr in Denmark), but with only a single truck, no buildings and 2 smaller vehicles, it seems rather over priced at first glance.

The box

The box is rather large for a set in this price class.

It shows the main idea that the crusher should try to jump over the smaller cars.



The content

Inside the box you will find a lot of small polybags numbered 1 to 4, a single instructions booklet and a cramped sticker sheet like in all other Racer-sets.


The build

It takes pretty much no time to build this set. The bags labeled "1" gives you the small car, "2" gives you the crusher, the truck in "3" and finally the trailer and ramps in "4".


I'm another one of those people who hate STAMPS and I will only put stickers on pieces that aren't "rare", so I ended up using only half of them.



A funny thing to notice is that every unit with small wheels has a spare tire. With 3 of these you can make a small tire wall for the crusher to jump over as well.


There isn't much to say about the little yellow car. It is pretty basic and has some decals that make it appear damaged.

The crusher cleverly uses a roll cage in the back and is pretty solid. It doesn't work too well with the small ramps. I recommend using the larger ramps from Bullet Run if you want it to jump over the small cars.


The rig is a little longer than the ones from Bullet Run with a much more massive trailer. The wheels can be taken off of the crusher and the ramps fit into the small hole beneath the wheel rack of the trailer


The flags on the trailer are taken down and the chassis of the crusher can be mounted in the back for transport


In comparison with the trucks from Bullet run you can see the trucks are built the same way, but the one from Night Crusher is a lot more substantial.




The truck is larger and has more functionality than the ones from Bullet Run, but I still think this set is too expensive. The ramps don't work well, but the way the crusher is stored is quite clever.

Price: 4/10 Too expensive, but that is when compared to Bullet Run. The price seems more reasonable when compared to other sets in this price range.

Build: 9/10 Easy and quick. It would be perfect if not for the stickers. There are both STAMPS and very long stickers that are hard to apply.

Playability: 7/10 I got most fun out of loading the truck and playing around with it. The main attraction is to make the crusher jump, but the ramps aren't solid enough for that.

Looks: 8/10 I think the small trucks look great. You get plenty of them in Bullet Run, but this truck does also look very good when the crusher is loaded onto the trailer.

Final score: 7/10 Great looks, easy to build and a nice addition to the Racers range, but the high price and not too well working ramps pulls the score down.

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Great review! Nice to have these sets getting reviewed by someone. I bought this set with tuner garage a while ago, back in april. I admit its neat, but the small car is pure crap, and the ramps suck bigtime. Other than that its a great parts pack. :-)

Thats the thing about these turbos- The small 5.00 ones are great for parts.

Whoot! 1st post!

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Thanks for reviewing. There can never be too much reviews!

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Thanks Lasse D for that good review of a nice set with some neat parts, it

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Thanks for the review! I was really excited by this set, but by the time it appeared in my stores I lost interest. I'm not sure why. *wacko* I like the ramp stowage area! :-D

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