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Duel: Elysabeth of Drondil's part

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I don't know wether I need to ask approvals for this, but if you're not Eslandian and like it, please approve, in case it is needed.

After a week of sailing, Elysabeth had finally arrived at her home: Elysabethtown!

Now she only needed a judge... But when she looked at the sun, she saw she was alrready too late! No time left to run to the HQ and ask Matteus to be her judge... But she needed one! She decided to ask the first man passing by to be her judge. There, that Corrintonlander seemed a trustworthy person!

"Excuse me, good sir, but I have a duel, and I'm already too late. Would you mind to be my judge?"

-"Of course not! My name is Isaac Don Montoya, and my ship is in the harbour to resupply. I'll leave this evening, but I still have some time to judge your duel."

As such, she arrived only a bit too late and WITH judge at the place of meeting. Everybody was already waiting for her. She greeted everyone, thanked the judges to be there and took here place.


The Corringtonlandder Impartial Judge started by explaining the rules, after wich they both agreed to accept the winner of the duel and settle their little dispute. Under them, some daring citizens made a quick beth on the winner of the contest.


The Impartial Judge was ready to commence:








This was actually a really nice thing to build, it has been a long time I took so much pleasure from bricking! CC very welcome.

Additional images:





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Beautiful little build. The woodwork is great and looks really nice arched out over the cobblestone. I also like the steep rake of the roof and the window is nice.

But it seems poor Phred has lost his headgear entirely!

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Very nice build! The tudor section is some of your best yet, and the underground cellar makes for a really good detail! thumbup.gif

May the best dueler win! pirate_laugh2.gif

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Can't wait to see the out come! :thumbup:

( I think that " Prêt?" should possibly be "Prêts?" unless the judge is only addressing one of the participants....although one participant is female, so "Prêtes?"....golly, french is hard! pir_laugh2.gif )

Edited by Vedauwoo

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If i were to due, this is the scenery where i would like to do it! Hehehe! Great job and one of your best mocs so far! Oh, in case we approve, this is approved! Today you will have my answer!

Oh, and this is not the proper hat i am wearing but i think it looks better on me than my original one!!!!

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Nice build, Titus - I shall be looking forward to seeing the reply! pir_laugh2.gif

I was not expecting to see Montoya in armour - he must be afraid to get hit but the duelists! pirate_wink.gif

The build is really nice - I like how you have included three levels, which have allowed you to pack in a lot of detail on a very small base. I am assuming you have decided on an 8 by 8 limit for the builds, right?

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That is a very nice build. The plaster and frame house (not sure what you call that style) is very well done. In my opinion, the plates on the roof looks disordered and messy in comparison to the rest of the building. I also like the use of the sewer to add some extra detail to such a small build.

That said, I can never root against Oleon and will retract any praise if it helps our side win this duel pirate_laugh2.gif.

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