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[ESL-Ch IIA] Preparations of Fortifications

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I mean this to be my challenge II A entry, but I'm not sure if that is allowed yet. If it isn't allowed, I would license this as my sixth freebuild this month, so if you are not Eslandian and like it, your approval is very welcome!

After discovering a new sery of Isles, wich she called the Margot-Isles, Elysabeth knew that she wouldn't be the only one there for long, and Leon had proven that by encountering some natives.

As such, she decided to what she was good at: building a fort to defend their position.



She stood on top of a rocky cliff, surveying the labourers:


These men were doing the most important job: building the pallisade.


After the wooden logs were erected, a mason-man topped things of with a stone wall.


Of course, for such a fort, they needed a lot of wood. Luckily, the isles she had discovered were totally overgrown, and there were more trees then needed. They only had to sent someone out with an ax.



All this was regulated by an officer of the Eslandian army, who knew exactly her orders.


In preparation of the completing of the fort, the Royal Army had already started with bringing men and troops ashore.


The common soldiers were ordered to keep an eye out for the natives. Because the natives Leon had found, altough friendly and willing to trade, still had buried a conquistador for unknown reasons.


That brought her to the civilians: the traders, after hearing the news about the friendly natives, seemed really quick to "happen to pass by and think that these brave explorers might need this or that", as they said theirselves.


It was more probably because the natives hadn't heard about alcohol before, and were all to happy to know it now...

The farmers had also started to build up a live for themselves, and the land was rich here! They just needed to sow, and three moths later they could harvest!


Suddenly, a messenger popped up beside her:

"Mylady, I've word for you!"

-"Speak, mister"

"Some filthy bluecoat has deeply insulted you, Mylady! He called you a mere merchant!" The messenger spat on the ground in disgust.

-"What? A mere merchant? Altough he is Oleander and may not know it, I can't let it pass. Sent a letter to him saying I challenge him, and will see him on the field of honor."

"Sure, Mylady!"

-"Oh, and prepare my ship. We're leaving this evening!"

With that, Elysabeth parted of her Isles to go battle the Oleander.



It was a really cool build, and I hope you guys like this too! Thanks all for the nice comments on previous builds (especially the photography tips!), and sorry for my bad English.

@Ska: is this allowed as challenge entry or not? In every case, thanks for watching, CC very welcome and see you next time!

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Mister, you are on a building roll. I like the overall composition and the angle of the fortifications is nice. The palisade is simple but effective, and the rock wall is a neat idea, although I think it might be a bit early for that. I would think stone would replace the wood entirely at some point though. The vegetation is really good and all the activity presents a series of mini-scenes that work out well together. Good work.

Unless I am dreadfully mistaken the opening of a challenge permits you to begin posting entries right away so go for it!

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Great use of the chain for pulling up the palisades! I always love good use of a chain! pirate_blush.gif

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I have to say Titus, one of your strongest sides is landscaping, and it really comes through well here. I could most certainly learn from you! pirate_satisfied.gif

I really like the many scenes you have included, and while I am impressed how fast the Eslandonians put up stone fortifications, it is looking really good. In fact I think palisade enclosed by stone wall will prove rather resistant to cannon fire! Well done!

PS. The challenge is open, so build away - I do not see why you should not be able to!

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This build really brings along the flair of "hey, we have just landed here, ehrm... what should we do? Right, let's just build some fortification here. And let's get started right now!". I like it.

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