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The Ship Broker of Elysabethtown

(note: 4th freebuild this month, so approvals are welcome!)

(for the current list of ship for sale: check the end of this post or check here)

Sir Botekoop loves his job. Being a Notary, he received a lot of respect across the globe. He also is the keeper of the "BoBs Ship Index". And now he has a new extra task! Helping people in New Terra finding their next ship!

As he became responsible for the Elysabethtown office, he now had to start finding clients who put their ship for sale.

But that wouldn't be a problem. Lord Maximilian Damaximus (his boss) is lobbying for a 3 db fee for every transaction. Well, time will tell how it will turn out.

Suddenly, he hears someone entering his room:


The notorious Sea Rat Captain Goldskull stands in front of him!

"I am looking for a new ship!"

"Yes ofcourse sir, please take a look at our current offer."


"That one on top of the shelves looks fine, tell me more about it"

"She is called the Raven of Oleon and belonged to a powerfull family from Granoleon. She has been captured by some Sea Rats after tricking the captain in a narrow delta. Now she is for sale! A fine Class 2 Small Sloop."

"Sold! I will call her the Revenge of Bastion! Beware Brickseas!!"




Well I really wanted to use those POTC bottles and to MOC the Ship Broker thing (as promised).

As Elysabethtown is a newly found settlement, I choosed for a wooden construction with some hay on the roof to isolate. It was very challenging to SNOT the wall both on the inside as the outside :)




Also, it will be licenced in February as atm I am out of DB's :D

Approvals & C & C more than welcome!!!


Ships For Sale

None atm, be sure to check this list next month!

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The walls are quite nice, with all the tiles, but my favoured part of this build are the "for sales", in bottles. Really cool way of showing the clients what there is to buy! I wish you good sales!

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Nice build. I thought the Sea Rats acquisition protocol is to get your crew together and pry the ship from the cold dead hands of the "former" owner(s)? pirate_classic.gif

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Nicely done! I too like your use of the ship in a bottle. Clever idea!

Edit: Thanks for the reminder Captain Dee... Approved thumbup.gif

Edited by Mike S

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Uh... approvals anyone?

This looks very appropriate for the setting - a new small building in a new settlement. The planking looks great and I like the roof, although I think it would look better if it hung over the walls a little. The interior is nice and the ships-in-bottles are a neat idea. The micro ship is a good design too and looks right at home over the door. Topping it off is one serious customer. Good work.

I approve.

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Nice wall technique, Maxim! I don't think I have ever seen it before. I would suggest some sort of overhanging roof - it doesn't seem to me to work that well in its current design. A simple overhang may be all it needs.

The best thing of this moc is definitely the interior, and I will be looking forward to seeing if it attracts in ship brokering! pirate_blush.gif

Edit: I approve.

Edited by Bregir

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