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[SR - Ch:1 Cat:B] No one expects the Olean Inquisition....

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Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion

Previous: Casualties of the storm...

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Ooc: this is intended to vaguely represent island 11 on the new islands map....


Log Entry

Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer

Unknown Island (Goma sha d'aya) SSE of Bastion, Day 158

After sailing through the night, we came upon Tzomo and Wooqui's island shortly after their people, it was known as "Goma sha d'aya." Our first two approaches to the island were failures....either steep escarpments of rock or dense stands of bamboo prevented us from landing....

Then, on the leeward side of a cove, we saw a promising stretch of beach...but someone was already there...


Cleansing the natives by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

As I peered through the sightglass, I could make out some better details....


Oleander Conquistadors by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

Oleander Conquistadors.....

I had hoped I would never again see them in my lifetime.....

Led by none other than Holy

Lucius Córdoba, the same vile man that had put my own family to death...leading to my new life in the Nest....


Lucius Córdoba by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

To add insult to appears some members of "La Noblesse" where there for entertainment....


Unknown lieutenant and well dressed lady by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

We were outraged..but outgunned, we could do nothing but watch as Tzomo's tribesmen were burned alive....


Olean Atrocities by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

They had been there for some time....completing their grizzly duties....


Previous victims... by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

"Let's get back to the boat, tomorrow, we show this Olean swine the wrath of the sea....."


(Johnathan Livingston) Seagull by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr


Thanks for visiting!

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Oh, come on! We aren't that bad!!! We only have one lunatic (Lucius Córdoba) and he somehow acquired a free pass to the New World! The rest of us are "peaceful" militants pirate_tong.gif that we like to duel and pray!

Regarding the MOC itself, it is a really gruesome pirate_look.gif but beautifully depicted pir_wacko.gif scene. And to add insult to the injury, the nobles entertaining themselves pirate_oh3.gif ! Preposterous!

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I really like how you built the rocky shoreline! I don't remember ever seeing it done like this before but it is well executed... Great build! Seems that Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer and Aiden Coyle have a similar history with Oleon....

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Nice build. Technically speaking.

So, what the Ténotclaxcans, the tribe Felipe de la Manzana encoutered, was right ! Some Oleanders are killing Natives !

I was sure Oleanders had a terrible inquisition !

I am not quite sure it's just one lunatic man's job ! Look at the "noblesse" who is finding that execution entertaining (I am saddened :cry_sad: to see the young lady savouring an apple the same way she is enjoying the execution...)

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Looking past the brutality, this is a very nice creation. The rocky beach is interesting and unique, and I like how the plants fill out the background. The subject matter is portrayed really well, from the bonfire to the big center pole to the attendant guards.

I'm guessing the curved white slopes are supposed to represent waves. I like the concept but I think wider pieces would look much more like waves than the narrow parts, which look kind of odd to me.

I don't favor demonizing other factions - I mean, Oleon can't catch a break from anyone with regards to how they interact with the natives. But that's not really for me to judge: to each his own.

Good work overall.

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Very dramatic build - It seems BoBS will not be limited to innocent subject matter.

Are we to assume that this is official Oleander policy, or that this inquisitor is acting on his own initiative, I wonder. pirate_blush.gif

I like the rocky shores, but agree with Cpt. Dee that those white curved pieces doesn't really do the trick.

Overall, nice entry, although you seem to have been too late in your discovery, as those Oleon fanatics beat you to it!

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This is a build which fits very nice with my "keep it dark, keep it realistic" approach to these projects, great work!

Suitable build to show the more fanatical sides of the Faith.

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