MOC: Some Ghosts to Bust

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If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, Who you gonna call?


If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, Who you gonna call?



It’s nice that we have finally gotten some ghosts to bust with the new Ghostbusters headquarters, but I think there is still a lot of interesting ghosts that could make for some interesting MOC’s.

Let’s start with something simple from the movies:


A couple of Terror Dogs. I copied reverse engineered them from the upcoming Dimensions version, but they are a little different because I didn’t have the right parts. I do though have to say that making the torso 3 studs wide actually looks pretty good, they get some more girth from it.


The Scoleri Brothers were a couple of murders when they were still alive, and were sentenced to the chair for their crimes.


Unfortunately ridding them of their mortal bodies only turned them into a really nasty pair of ghosts.

But the movies are not the only source of ghosts:


Here we have Chomper, Grabber, Gulper and Wrapper, four mini ghosts that were included with the action figures of the Real Ghostbusters.


Among the more notable ghosts from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon we have Samhain, the spirit of Halloween.


If he is not stopped he will make Halloween night last forever. He even has the ability to make ghostly traitors like Slimer fade out of existence.


Another horrible group of spirits were the Peoplebusters who some of the ghostbusters once met when they were sucked into a parallel universe (that happens surprisingly often in that line of work). The Peoplebuster were apparently not as busy as the Ghostbusters were, because they never hired a ghost version of Winston.


And last, but most certainly least we have one of the most famous ghosts from the franchise, Mr. Stay Puft!

And a group shot of the various horrors:


I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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Lovely collection indeed.

GB Gals and girls will have something to slime up with these ! :tongue:

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Love these ghosts! My favorite here are your four mini ghosts! I have built all kinds of Ghostbusters LDD's and would like to try my hand at those and your Samhain, also am going to build him in mini-fig for my firehouse set! These are great ghosts!

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