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[C-MODEL] 42024 - Boat Tail Getaway Rod

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Thrill of a chase or laid back touring? Here's your powerful kustom chariot. Flamboyant, sleek and fast, this street rod is a perfect machine for touring or racing.

Powered by a boosted V8 engine adorned with velocity stacks, this automobile with a getaway car vibe has a dangerous stance and even more dangerous exhaust manifolds.


► V8 engine with rotating pulley and velocity stacks-adorned intake manifold (no cylinders)

► rigid transmission (three Cardan joints; without differential)

► steering with working steering wheel and a HOG

► rear hinged ("suicide") door

► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats

► "winged-boat-tail" design body with coupé roof, spoiler-mudguards and two straight, quadruple exhaust pipes

► details such as doubled rear wheels, fake brake discs and brakes, floodlights, rear lights, turn lights and suicide bumper





42024 C-Model

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Nice c-model.

It's a shame that I didn't got that set

Thanks! The set is nice, a lots of parts. Too few panels, though. I got it as a B-day present from my other half, always thought it's going be used for some construction vehicles and such, but last year was all about hot rods for me, so... :laugh:

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