Settlement: Arlinsport, Tiberia, Corrington

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To work out what we need to progress to a Level 4 'Large Town', I've sorted through all the properties for Arlinsport and after some consultation below is the current list of properties and settlement size, together with the requirements to advance a level. @SkaForHire feel free to copy and past into the first post if you want, I can keep this post up-to-date to save you the work if you like? 

Everyone else, we need x4 x2 factories and a residence, any volunteers? I'll personally attempt a factory for a November licence


Properties: 94

Size for EGS purposes – Level 8 ‘City’

Required for Level 16 'Large City': TBD

Artisans: 8 account sheet says 9

Woodworker’s Shop, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size)

Amelia Street Bakery, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size)

The Scribe of Arlinsport, small artisan, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size)

Boat yard, small artisan, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size)

The Captain’s Daughter Tavern, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size)

The Crossed Swords Tavern, small artisan, BrickOn (+1 Settlement Size)

Arlinsport Blacksmith Shop, small artisan, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size)

The Captain's Daughter (2) Tavern, small artisan, Mesabi, (+1 settlement size)

Commerce: 17 (account sheet says 18)

Coyle Shipping Company, small commerce, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size)

Bounty Office, small commerce, Skaforhire (+1 Settlement Size)

Bank of Arlinsport, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size)

Counting House, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size)

Horse Merchants Office, small commerce, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size)

Livery, medium commerce, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size)

Headquarters, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size)

Seawolf shipping company and offices, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size)

ETTC Headquarters, medium commerce ETTC (+2 settlement size)

Bank of Corrington Office, small commerce, Arlinsport (+1 Settlement Size)

Arlinsport City Gate, medium culture, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size)

Bank of Corrington, small commerce, Bank of Corrington  (+1 settlement size) not licensed

Factories: 8

Miscellaneous goods factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size)

Small factory, small factory, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size)

Shako Shanty, medium factory, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size)

Glue factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size)

Residences: 28 (21 NPC)

Elizabeth’s parent’s home, Small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size) 

The Montoya Residence, small residence, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size)

Micah’s Residence, small residence, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size)

Allcock Residence, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size)

Griffin's Residence, small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size)

Griffin's Residence (2), medium residence, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size)

Art and Culture: 4

The Department of Time, small culture, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size)

The Gardens of Arlinsport, medium culture, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size)

Admiralty Office, small culture, Corrington (+1 Settlement Size)

Educational: 7

The cartographer, small education, Phred (+1 Settlement Size)

Cartography Academy, small education, Kai NRG (+1 Settlement Size)

Lecture Room, small education, Drunknok (+1 settlement size)

Naval Academy, small education, Arlinsport (+1 settlement size)

Lieutenant Joshua's presentation, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size)

Plantations: 5

Sugar Cane Plantation, small plantation, Simon_S (+1 Settlement Size)

Little Spices Plantation, small plantation, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size)

Lavender Patch and Apiary, small plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size)

Horse Ranch, small plantation, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size)

Potato Plantation, small plantation, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size)

Mines: 2

Prospecting on Tiberia, prospecting build, Mike S (+1 to settlement size)

Silver Mine, mine, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size)

Forts: 9

Fort Arlin, Large Fort, Mike S (on behalf of the Crown) (+3 to settlement size)

x2 NPC Large Forts (+6 to settlement size)

Other builds: 2

A visit to Arlinsport, unlicensed, BrickOn (+1 to settlement size)

Leaving Tiberia, unlicensed, Lord Vladivus (+1 to settlement size)

ETTC hires sailors, unlicensed, SilentWolf

Reviewing the Guard, unlicensed, Ayrlego

A letter, and fish, unlicensed, Drunknok

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@Ayrlego Sorry I was slow on confirming my stable, but it appears you got it figured out. 

At the beginning of the month, my goal was to license 3 builds in Arlinsport, but so far I have just gotten the stable.  (One was supposed to be a residence.) If i get the chance I will attempt to do a factory for Arlinsport. Next month I have several builds ready or planned for Elizabethville. 

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As a result of winning Ch4CatA a large 'miscellaneous goods'  factory has been established in Arlinsport.


Note: Mirco-build as a result of winning Ch4CatA

Edited by Ayrlego

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If you Corries need some ideas; wagon wheels and sail cloth production. The bigger the towns, the better the profit should my ships come into port.

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