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This is the CEO of Octan's Andromeda group, Pombe.


Octan has achieved much here in the Andromeda Galaxy since the discovery of the GATES. Because of the hard work of our employees, Octan has the largest market share of any corporation in this galaxy. We have much to be proud of. Of the 54 planets or asteroid clusters known so far in Andromeda, Octan currently controls 25 of them, or over 46%. Additionally, we have researched new developments in the areas of spaceship mastery, ground tactics, and resource prospecting.

This is a very exciting time to be a part of Octan here in Andromeda. And as I speak, the combined Octan and Merchant Confederate fleet plies the spaceways creating new opportunities for increasing our market share and profits.


However, our continued success depends on you and your willingness to join us to build a better tomorrow for all Octan employees, our shareholders, and, of course, Lord Business.

Any contribution is worthwhile, and we especially welcome your thoughts and voice in our own secure Octan channel. From the simplest minifig on a plate entry to an internet blog worthy MOC that scores a 7 from the judges, no build is too small to count. Afterall, I understand that our duties sometimes prohibit us giving our maximum, but your participation, no matter how small, adds up over time. I am an example of this; I am not the best builder in this galaxy or even in Octan, but my steady contributions over time have slowly pushed me to the top of this corporation.

Those with small collections need not worry, as I will now demonstrate. Note that terrain builders have a tremendous opportunity here to create beautiful alien landscapes and environments. Currently, this build of me exploring the icy plains of Freegate will earn 1 point.


Same of this build of me exploring the deserts of New California.


And this build of me exploring the oceans of Wastyria.


While 1 point might seem insignificant, 1 point per entry over the course of 30 weeks, would be...um...let's see...30 points! That's enough to dominate a planet by myself! And I want to point out that Andromeda's Gates has just completed over 30 weeks. Just think about that. If you had started from the very beginning and entered the builds shown here every week, you would have dominated a planet by yourself. Wow!

Now, if I were to add this Octan spaceship to the entry, this build would earn a minimum of 2 points, because of our developments in spaceship mastery.


And if I chose the pilot profession, I would also earn additional credits that would go towards personal technologies that I would use to give further advantage to Octan as I improve myself!

But I can already hear you ask, "What if my LEGO collection doesn't have Octan colors?" No need to fear! You can build in the colors of the other corporations and of third parties that you invent via your own storytelling! Here is the same build of my exploring the oceans of Wastyria, but with the spaceship in Kawashita colors.


Note how, despite the fact that the spaceships are exactly the same, the Octan colors just make the Octan version "pop" or stand out more. That's a natural side effect of Octan's bright color palette, which photographs well, compared to the darker tones of the other corporations. Now, if I were to add a land vehicle, the build would score a minimum of 3 points, because of our advances in ground tactics!


That means I would only need 10 weeks to dominate a planet! On top of that, I can now be either a pilot or a driver by occupation and earn additional credits!

You might be asking, "Why would I build in another corporation's colors?" Excellent question! It's possible that I could be participating in a spy or a sabotage operation. In fact, being a special operative is one of the occupational choices! And I'm not limited to just spying on or sabotaging Kawashita. I can spy on or sabotage M.A.N.T.I.S., as well!


Those are just three potential occupations to choose from! Remember, YOU determine your own fate in Andromeda. Your story is your own and the limit is your imagination!

Maybe you got stranded during an assignment, but discovered a lengthy derelict alien spaceship that is powered by twin cobalt blueball engines, and now you must begin the long and hard journey back home. For those with small collections, a microscale build would work perfectly here!


Or perhaps your longtime best friend, the one-eyed monster, got kidnapped by the nefarious maidens of Zimunsk and is now being tortured by non-stop spanking, and only YOU can rescue him!



I understand that participation does not just require LEGO building, but also some photography, as well. You have to show what you build, of course! For those without a fancy photography set up or an expensive camera, no need to worry! All the photos for this post were taken with the iPhone 5. See?! Even an old smart phone is good enough! If you don't believe me, click on any of the pictures which are linked to Flickr and that will give you the information on how the photographs were taken.

Finally, recently, I've heard comments about Octan's dress code, and how perhaps it is too strict. I've done my best to relax it as much as I could, but in order to encourage new employees to apply for jobs at Octan and current employees on leave of absences to return, I'm going to go ahead and remove all restrictions on our dress code. And to set an example for all employees at Octan, I will get rid of the underwear I depended so much on to carry extra lotion and performance enhancing pills.


Therefore, as your CEO, I will face a new challenge. How can I be debriefed if I am not wearing any briefs? But I am not alone, for I know you will join me.

In any case, to conclude:

Octan needs YOUR participation. If you need any sort of advice or encouragement, by all means, contact me or any of the other Octan employees. We are all eager to have you join us to help build a better Octan, and thus, a better tomorrow for Andromeda.



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OMG! That kawashita ship is amazing! How did you atatch the wings to the main body? Fantarstic work! :sarcasm_smug:

Oo No, ful front nodety. :laugh:

I like how it feel like an overdone comersal and laughed both at pombe standing on an ocean (maybe it was just one plate deap) and how much better the ship look in kawashita collors.

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Bravo, and thanks for sharing that you used an iPhone 5, now I know in case my Crapmera fails me I can always borrow an iPhone 6 to take pictures with.

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Terrific !

I've just discovered this masterpiece of free built... It must be pinned up in Octan's entry thread !!

and the other corp shall have a similar topic to be made :grin:

Edited by Professor Thaum

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Awesome, This is very inspirational stuff CEO Pombe. After being gone for a good year, I do regret that I didn't at least put forward minimum effort towards builds while I was gone to at least contribute something. So now that I'm back and inspired by CEO Pombe Message of building a better tomorrow I'm going to do my best and see this to the end.

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