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[Help!] Technic retractable landing gear

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Hi fellow space builders,

I wanted to ask you for some help..

I am currently building a bigger spacecraft than what I was used to, and I would love to give it retractable landing gear. Problem is: I'm not great with Technic at all.

I am wondering if some of you could share ideas, tips, designs or any pointer to help me figure things out. I think my main question mark for now is on how I could build something that could be locked in open and closed positions. I am not after anything super clever or actioned remotely - I don't mind pulling it by hand - as long as it holds itself.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help :grin:

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Perhaps you could ask the same question in the Technic forums. ;)

But If I would build a retractable landing gear; I'd go with something like this;

Other than that; Enough can be found.

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