[MOC]The Smurfs In Real 3D Lego Mosaic

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Hello Eurobrickers!

Today I would like to show you The Smurfs in real 3D Lego mosaic



Two pictures in one...


...another pictures...

img_3458.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3459.jpg_thumb.jpg Smurfs world...

img_3442.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3443.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3444.jpg_thumb.jpg all 3D Lego mosaics...

img_3445.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3446.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3447.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3450.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3451.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3448.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3449.jpg_thumb.jpg

and my whole collection.

img_3452.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3453.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3454.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3455.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3456.jpg_thumb.jpg

And short

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Great collection of masaics i must say.

And they all look really amazing.

Great work for sure. :classic:

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