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Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim

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Rothgar and Constance made their way through the under-levels of Treacleheim. Constance was impressed with how much progress the dwarves had already made in clearing the rubble away and rebuilding the old city. Constance lost track of how many turns they made, but Rothgar seemed to know the route like the back of his hand, dwarven intuition it would seem.

They finally ended up in front of a small monument where the dragon forged blade was being displayed.


“This was built in remembrance of Dwalion, the first dwarf of Treacleheim to forge a bond with the dragons to enlist their assistance in forging weapons” explained Rothgar. “As you know, it has been many decades since the last dragon was willing to help forge blades. This may be the last in the city, and you are welcome to it. If we happen across any more I will be sure to inform the council at Dalig Ulv.”


“One blade!” thought Constance, “What’s one blade going to do against the armies of the Algus!”


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Really Nice wall, with lovely architecture! (altough the pillars are a bit in the way(

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