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During the seventies, in the United States, an unusual car trend spread: the "Show Rods".

This kind of cars, built from the ground up, were distinguished by an unconventional design, brilliant colors and amazing craftsmanship.

Their engines were extremely powerful, yet they rarely touched the road.

In other words, these cars were meant to be looked at, not driven. Yes, Show Rods were paradoxical.

One of the most famous "Show Rod" designer was Tom Daniel who in 1967 designed the “Beer Wagon” for Monogram, the well known scale models manufacturer.

Here my LEGO replica of the "Beer Wagon" based on antique Mack Bulldog chain drive rear end.



My "Pilsner" yellow machine features:

- fat drag tires on the rear;

- chrome dog dish hubcaps;

- eight chrome pipes thru the hood;

- beer keg gas tanks;

- beer keg between the seats;

- wooden load compartment.

Below the outline...


Tom Daniel's Beer Wagon is for sure the wildest beer haulin' drag machine all around :classic:

You can read the story of my "Beer Wagon" and my other Hot Rods, included many pictures, on the 2016 February issue of Brick Journal (# 38).

All the best!

Andrea Lattanzio - Norton74

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Hi Andrea,

saw the nice Rod already on TLCB - as usual great.

Thanks Pat :wink:

Nice build, really love the concept and colors if this beauty!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: That drive chain is just amazing, wel done... :thumbup:

Many thanks Ingmar... :grin:

in one word... cool :classic:

I like cars and those kind of cars are one my favourites.

Thanks :classic:

Chain powered wheels :devil: You dont see those nowadays. Well done, looks really smooth and shinny.

Thanks, smooth design is what I'm looking for when I build my models. I'm happy you like it :wink:

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