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Micah "the Silent" of Wolf-Haven, is the second son of Lord Alexander of Wolf-Haven. Lord Alexander was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. He settled down and had several children. His land is willed to go to his eldest son, but the younger Micah is willed to receive the businesses Alexander owns and operates in the various cities.

Micah was sent off at the young age of 15 to attend the prestigious Archellon College in Bellson. During college, he was also working at and learning his father's business of raising and selling the best horses in Corrington. Upon graduation, he took over as manager of the business expanding it greatly. He even sailed overseas to trade horses with Varcoast and the Mokolei Empire. These trips gave him a taste for travel and adventure. It was also upon these trips that he acquired his distaste for the corruption of religion that the Oleons follow. Upon hearing of the Queen's offer of rewards for any Corrington who can find and settle land beyond Terraversa, Micah began to dream.

In time, Micah enlisted several of his close friends from Bellson and Arlingsport to gather together all the funds they could in order to embark on such an adventure of discovery. It would be no small sum that would outfit this expedition, as they would need to buy a ship, all the guns, and hire a crew.

23932648739_522ff8fe2f_c.jpgSAM_6757 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr

From Left:

Charles, the rancher under Micah who will oversee the business while the other five are away (now in charge of all the horse businesses)

Micah the Silent of Wolf-Haven, or to his friends, Silent Wolf

George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary (now Captain of the HMS El Bellos)

William Chase, an honorably discharged guard from Bellson (now Captain of the HMS Whisper)

Arthur Kellogg, local businessman of with a thirst for adventure (now in charge of the WETEC trade ships)

Caleb, a sailor who had been employed with one of Corrington's largest trading companies and upon whose ships Silent Wolf had often sailed. (Now the captain of the Flying Colt)

The last thing Micah had to do was purchase his own equipment and wardrobe, as well as say farewell to his fiancee, Elizabeth. Though she was saddened to see him leave, she had always known he would not settle down until he had seen what was beyond the seas.

23673913203_ec9d2980fb_c.jpgSAM_6762 (2) by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr

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Nice intro. You have a good-looking crew of characters. I really like the last pic with the different attire, but Elizabeth seems to be the focal point as Micah is almost hiding in plain sight the way his pants and shirt sleeve are blended into the surroundings. Sounds like adventure awaits.

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I agree with the others - a very nice selection of characters, and a nice backstory. I too like the different outfits and will be very much looking forward to following his adventures in the new world! I only hope he will return to his fiancee one day, or bring her with him to the new world! pirate_wink.gif

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