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[ESL, Ch I - Cat A] : A Juicy meeting

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Here is my entry for Challenge 1 Category A :

A juicy meeting

So, Felipe de la Manzana and his first officer and trustfull friend Basil passed the Portal they saw in the jungle when they first touch ground in the island that seemed to be Berelli, the one Ivo Fortesque himself found east to Nelissa.

They walked some time in the jungle following a little pass made of paved tiles.

Felipe was very enthousiastic with that because it was another proof of a human presence here !

Exactly what he was expecting when he found this tribal stuff with a note at sea few days before.

This discovery made him sail east and by now he never had be disappointed !

Perhaps those natives could know some interesting legend and why not some with a golden apple that would worth the effort !

Lost in his dreams, Felipe did not payed attention where he went and after passing a bush, Basil hold his arm saying :

- Hey ! Felipe ! Be careful ! Here are the famous natives you expected to see !

Erh... I think we bothered them in the middle of some funerals... Ah ! Hold on ! Felipe ! They saw us !


But it was to late !

Felipe walked through and disturbed the ceremony enough to anger the priestess


- Hey ! Que faites-vous ici !? She said surprisingly in Oleander !

- Sorry, we are explorers from the west and we try to find some of the native people of the island. Answered Basil, better in Oleander than Felipe.

- Ah ! Again ! Some of the man from the west ! You are not the first ! Are you bringing the Thunder-Fire with you ?

Basil and Felipe tryed to find what it was and found it was guns.

- No ! Not at all ! we are here to find a rare fruit ! a golden fruit ! said Felipe.

- Ah ! let me finish these funerals and we will talk.

After a while, once the ceremony finished :


- Welcome men of the west ! I am the high priestess Zumo de Kapayas. You are very welcome in the tribe of Ténotclaxca !

We are pleased to see you are not carrying your terrible weapons. Are you coming in peace ?

We first met some men dressed with blue and with priest. They teach us their language and then they tryed to hunt us from our land ! so they brought their... what are you calling that... ah ! yes ! Guns !

But they where too few, so we killed them or send the survivors at sea. Unfortunately they killed our chief Saginga, the one we burried today !

- We are not like those Oleanders ! We are here to offer you some products to trade and to gather some informations concerning a golden fruit we are trying to find !

- Ah ! Yes ! Of course ! We've got such a fruit !

- REALLY ! shouted Felipe.

- Yes it is that fruit. And a native brought a shiny yellow Banana.

- Argh... No ! That is not the fruit I am looking for ! This is this one, but a golden one. Said Felipe showing to the Ténotclaxcans an apple.


- No, sorry, we don't have that. Answered the young native. But if you want, we have some legends talking about strange magic and some are about mother earth and a fruit.

You are welcome to seat with us and listen to those stories but you will need to learn our traditions.

- Of course, of course... Answered Felipe.

The hope is not lost to have some informations ! Hold on Felipe !

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Fine. Parrot hats and monkey are of course excellent.

Where is the yellow parrot from?

Thank you. From a monkey and parrot lover I am not surprised you like it ;)

The yellow parrot is from 5919 adventurers set : the valley of the kings

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Very creative story and build. I like the bright colors, the structure surrounded by the jungle, and all the activity. The headgear is absurd but funny and the islanders are perfect for that type of setting. But Oleon can't catch a break - they're even fighting the natives in other peoples' stories! Good work.

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This is a great build with a lot of color that works well together. I love the story line as it is creative and adds much to the future storytelling. Those hats definitely are unique and crazy.

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