Scooby Doo Creepy Coolsville diorama

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I have no idea what Creepy Coolsville is, but this MOC makes me want to go there!

According to scoobypedia Coolsville is one of the hometowns of the scooby gang - - the name pops up in the live movies and some of the more recent cartoons. They also come from Crystal Cove -

It's pretty spooky... take a spare pair of undies if you are faint hearted. Stay away from the cookies - they won't help with your paranioa

Awesome lighthouse!

Thanks. I like the skull island myself and the top of the tower - re used the scooby doo set here. The tiki hut with re-purposed boat hulls is unique I think. The viking hates it. Akbar didn't like meeting Fred... "It's a trap!"

I have no idea what Creepy Coolsville is1ce9.jpght11.jpg

It's a fake monster, talking dog and meddling kid infested town halfway between between Springfield and Sunnydale... West of Gotham and south of Arkham, east of Dunwich and north of Innsmouth. Take a left turn at Albuquerque. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Technically it's just Coolsville but all kooky Scooby Doo stuff requires a late 60's early 70's era groovy adjective in its title.

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Great Build. I really like the mystery machine/land speeder mashup. Great work!


20393671884_6dc307142b_n.jpgSpeeder by Gav*, on Flickr

Wanted to do a chibi version but the bits don't come in the right colours. The rebuild in different colours with a mashup is surprisingly popular at brick shows. I liked re using racing stickers on this. Stupid fun.

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I love everything! The lighthouse, the lands peeler....the tiki hut may be my favorite using the backwards boat hulls.

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