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[REVIEW]: 30279 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle (polybag)

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Today quick and short review of a new 2016 Star Wars polybag mini model

First a few official information

30279 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle

Year: 2016

Number of parts: 43

Minifgures: 0

Price: promotional item

This polybag appear in Poland as free gift to “Kaczor Donald” magazine, issue 2/206 (15.01-11.02.2016). Availability in other countries is currently unknown. Magazine prize is 9.99 PLN, which is about €2.20/£1.70/$2.5.

24046617649_0ca47f9b53_c.jpgIMG_0591 by Marek, on Flickr


Standard polybag packing, showing on front Kylo's shuttle in action. Artwork this time with Kylo Ren as in this year SW boxes.


24414433075_74b8dc97fe_c.jpg30279-1 by Marek, on Flickr


24416241925_e37a6383f6_c.jpg30279 - 001 by Marek, on Flickr


Inside we have pile of bricks (43 parts plus 2 extra) and the instruction.

24120595320_a3ee4eb86e_c.jpg30279 - 003 by Marek, on Flickr


24389991496_d0cb3a98c1_c.jpg30279 - 002 by Marek, on Flickr

Comes folded as in others polybag sets.


24416204195_ec6c1e43f2_c.jpg30279 - 004 by Marek, on Flickr

Not so diverse in colors. Mainly dark bluish gray parts plus some in black, light bluish gray, red, trans red and trans black.

There is one interesting part, because of color.

24120678270_c1ccefd48f_c.jpg30279 - 005 by Marek, on Flickr

Technic axle 4 studs long in red. Technic axles in colors other than black and gray are rather rarely included in sets by LEGO. Here we have one in red color. This axle in red color was released in 4 old Technic and Reacers sets from 2001, 2002 and 2005 then retired to shows again in three sets this year and last year. One exclusive in 2015 and one in Technic and one in Nexo Knights this year. So it is very interesting to see this part in polybag set. It is rather unusual to have rare parts in polybag.


24120674710_2b95f22011_c.jpg30279 - 006 by Marek, on Flickr

24120664790_54244dd2b6_c.jpg30279 - 007 by Marek, on Flickr

24048457389_71842e7eca_c.jpg30279 - 008 by Marek, on Flickr

24333797441_02b0ecf965_c.jpg30279 - 009 by Marek, on Flickr

It has very simple play feature, opening and closing front hatch.

24307996262_cd9796cd23_c.jpg30279 - 010 by Marek, on Flickr

24416252165_49e80115d1_c.jpg30279 - 011 by Marek, on Flickr

Extra parts left

24390006936_95058a1a94_c.jpg30279 - 012 by Marek, on Flickr


This set is mini representation of set 75104, so it don’t resemble true Kylo Ren’s shuttle from the film very much. But as a promotional item and a polybag set it is quite nice. Grab it if you find it in nice price.

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Nice review! The way the landing ramp comes down is adorable and much more accurate than the big version! I'm gonna make a version of this in black with moveable wings.

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The red axle will no longer be rare. TLG introduced new color coding for axles to make them even easier to find/identify. So I believe that red and yellow will now be standard colors for certain axle lengths.

Edited by Vodnik

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