[M-E02][Challenge 3][Cat A.] Rough Landing on Jurin II

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Tags: Spaceship, Cat A.

Location: E02 - Jurin II

M.A.N.T.I.S. Warehouse, Sector 62, Donwarr

My name is Randy Hairgel, and I'm a hangar worker for M.A.N.T.I.S. I spend my days in a loader, moving supplies in and out of spaceships and cargo craft. However, what I've always dreamed of being is a Pilot, flying through the outer reaches of the Galaxy. Instead I'm stuck here with endless jokes about my last name.

*SLAM* *Hangar Door Flies Open*


It's the CEO and Admiral: SpacerPombe!

SpacerPombe: Hairgel, see me in the special hangar.

Randy: Yes sir!

*Follows SpacerPombe into Hangar*

Randy: You want to see me?

SpacerPombe: Yes, you want to be a pilot right, well a suicide ahem.. survey mission needs a pilot to go to Jurin II. Here's your ship.


SpacerPombe: Well, are you ready? I have other very important CEO business to attend to. Chogshey get down here!

Randy: It's awesome! Wait, Jurin II.... isn't that the place where Octan has a system which makes every non Octan ship Crash?

SpacerPombe: Exactly! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go. Enjoy your first mission!

Randy: Why are the engines starting?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! I'm psyched and freaking out!

Entering the Atmosphere of Jurin II

Randy: So far, so good.

Computer: 1000000100101111100000001011111111110000001001010010101010000100000000000111110101101010001010

Randy: Was that a response? Do you speak anything besides binary?

Computer: 100001001010101000000000111111101111010000000010101010101000000000111010101000101001010

Randy: Super Useful. Wait why am I falling? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



Randy: Well, I guess that's not the worst landing ever. At least I'm on an Island!


This challenge was fun! Apologies to msx80 for any offensive changes. Check out his original build here. Also, apologies to spacersteve and pombe.

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Why apologize? Spacer Pombe was awesome! (I wonder what Chogshey would look like :grin: )

Ok, now I'm getting tired, need to finish my catB and sleep...

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SpacerPombe! :rofl: Great work. Epsion Eta is right you need to make a chogsley. He/she might be afraid of humans though. I'm afraid it might want to kill them all.....

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21531515736_0a03c801b5_t.jpg I always fancied myself as an admiral. Thanks for allowing me to live that dream vicariously through your entry!

21546484712_8caedf2c62_t.jpg Something is definitely wrong here. What's a Chogsey? And why am I wearing this hat?

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