[Book] Lego Minifigure Year by Year: A visual history - query

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I'm a long time peruser of this site, but this is my first time posting (I've read guidelines but if I commit an error I apologise, and please correct me).

I've been a closet AFOL for years, but only started acquiring and building with the advent of my first child just over 4 years ago. I used her as an excuse to buy and build for a time although it's now freely accepted by friends and family that I am a LEGO fan. Incidentally, my daughter does enjoy LEGO and is relishing her own golden age as a result of Disney Princesses, Elves and Friends. Having said that, the set she chose to receive as a treat following inoculation jabs was the Juniors Pirate set!

Anyway, this wider awareness of my AFOL-ness resulted in a bumper harvest this Christmas, to the extent that I was given the same book twice (referred to in the post title). The books are identical in all respects except one: one contains the ubiquitous Stormtrooper, while the other comes with Lennox, of Chima fame.

I've made a reasonable search of the internet but can only find reference to the Stormtrooper version, not the Lennox version. Therefore I have it rare or just unpopular? As a fledgling collector, which should I keep? Or more pertinent, which should I sell if I want to use the money to buy some of the yet-to-be-released Elves sets for my daughter?

Any advice/guidance gratefully received.

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If I understand your question I think that the General Discussion or maybe the Buy, Sell, Trade section would know more about this.

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