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Space Police XVIII

[moc] Boats suck. Spaceships RULE.

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...and if you disagree, then let me know, what's it like to be so wrong? Does it hurt?

Anyway, I bought set 60085, and I'm not sure why. Eventually I rebuilt it into something else. In my mind City and Space were always part of the same theme, coterminous, and if I ever become rich I'm going to build a city to reflect this - futuristic buildings and cars with a decent spaceport, none of Lego's current space shuttle stuff. Anyway, here's something along those lines, a truck transporting a little spacecraft.


Trailer has legs for parking, can also fit one of my standardized space cargo containers, and the little shuttle seats two.


Then I had to think of something to do with that huge dumb boat hull,'s a spaceship of some alternate space faction. Yes, that's it. These guys like orange and gray for some reason. I need more orange parts, it never ends...

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I love alt builds--and while this isn't one it is kind of a spiritual alt build with Space :wink:

I love the look of both of the little spacecraft, and the tow truck fits right in. This is a pretty great build. :thumbup:

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