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Hello Eurobrickers!

Today I would like to show you a photo stand in 2 versions. Below there is a normal stand for a photo, a tablet, a picture etc.

img_3407.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3408.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3409.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3410.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3411.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3412.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3413.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3414.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3415.jpg_thumb.jpg

and then I`ve built the stand to rotate my 3D Lego

img_3417.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3418.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3419.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3420.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3421.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3422.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3423.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3424.jpg_thumb.jpg img_3425.jpg_thumb.jpg

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