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[Frozen Beyond, Cat B] : Mom is really angry !

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Here is my Second part of the story and my second entry for the Frozen Beyond Contest :

Mom is really Angry !

the first part of the story can be found in my first entry : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?!


Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard.

- AAAAH ! Screamed Faladrin, escaping with the egg. It is really a Frostbite Dragon egg ! And Mom is really Angry ! RUN AWAY !

- Run Away ! Yelled Noihe, dropping her weapons and running out of range of the frosty breath of the Mother Dragon.

But only Walaheria stood up, facing the beast and using her magical sword she cut the deadly breath in two parts as simple as she would of an apple...

- Run my Love ! I can manage her a short time... but, just enough to allow us to escape and be secure. Walaheria said to Faladrin.


- We will need to reinforce our troups and be prepare for a bigger attack next. Said Faladrin, once out of range of the beast.

- Yes, there is an abandoned outpost not far from here when we should hold position until the next Algus attack. Answered Walaheria.

The beast continues roaming in the wild though...

Beware if you are passing by her way !




Thank you for reading me and see you for the next part (and the end) of this story from The Frozen Beyond...

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Really cool beast, I like the opening beak and the two tentacles (don't know the right word) on it's head, but maybe the frontlegs are a bit too blocky...

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:laugh: Ha, ha, very funny and cool dragon Faladrin, the shaping and part usages are both very good, and the opening and closing mouth is a very nice detail as well! :thumbup: The build's presentation would certainly be improved by trying to get a less distracting background - have you tried with just plain paper? A couple of sheets would probably work for a build of this size, although larger sheets are better for bigger MOCs. Also, while I'm at it, I think the dragon would probably look really good on a blue background (which would make it stand out a lot better than the white) :wink:

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