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Grand Admiral Thrawn

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Here, under the command of possibly the greatest military mind the Empire had ever seen.


Instead of typical descritption, I will use fragments from Timothy Zahn’s so called Thrawn Trilogy, describing the last campaign of the Grand Admiral Thrawn.

"Come in, Captain," Thrawn said, his quietly modulated voice cutting through Pellaeon's thoughts. Eyes still closed to slits, he waved a hand in a small and precisely measured motion. "What do you think?"

"It's . . . very interesting, sir," was all Pellaeon could come up with as he walked over to the outer display circle.

"All holographic, of course," Thrawn said, and Pellaeon thought he could hear a note of regret in the other's voice. "The sculptures and flats both. Some of them are lost; many of the others are on planets now occupied by the Rebellion."



"Thrawn (…), for the first time since Pellaeon had entered, opened his glowing red eyes.

Pellaeon returned the other's gaze without flinching, feeling a small flicker of pride at the achievement. Many of the Emperor's top commanders and courtiers had never learned to feel comfortable with those eyes. Or with Thrawn himself, for that matter. Which was probably why the Grand Admiral had spent so much of his career out in the Unknown Regions, working to bring those still-barbaric sections of the galaxy under Imperial control. His brilliant successes had won him the title of Warlord and the right to wear the white uniform of Grand Admiral-the only nonhuman ever granted that honor by the Emperor."


You have already probably noticed a strange looking hole from one side of the base, unevenness of the flooring tiles in the center and “ventilated” bottom of the base. This was done on purpose, not due my oversight or due to lack of elements…



"Pellaeon stared at the invaders, still shifting into their utterly useless defense stance . . . and slowly it dawned on him what Thrawn had just done. "That sentry ship attack a few minutes ago," he said. "You were able to tell from that that those were Elomin ships?"

"Learn about art, Captain," Thrawn said, his voice almost dreamy. "When you understand a species' art, you understand that species. (…) Prepare to join the attack."

The hologram is achieved by projecting of the image or film on the tilted trans-clear wall, giving the effect of prism. Sorry for rather poor quality of the movie, the shots had to be taken with minimum ambient light and hence the grain. I am sorry, but due to aspects of the background music (Imperial march, huurrraaayyyy), in some countries youtube might block the movie :(.


The phone fits perfectly in the base (8x15 studs, with 1, 2/3 brick height).

The whole thing on the holographic display looks better in reality.


The movie flick with the battle. Resemblance with old TIE Fighter game is obvious :).

And for the ending:


Emily Jones, wrong portal!!!

So… for the ending:


Still gasping, struggling against the inertia of his stunned muscles, Pellaeon fought to get a hand up to his command board. With one final effort he made it, trying twice before he was able to hit the emergency alert.

And as the wailing of the alarm cut through the noise of a Star Destroyer at battle, he finally managed to turn his head.

Thrawn was sitting upright in his chair, his face strangely calm. In the middle of his chest, a dark red stain was spreading across the spotless white of his Grand Admiral's uniform.

Thrawn caught his eye; and to Pellaeon's astonishment, the Grand Admiral smiled. "But," he whispered, "it was so artistically done."

The smile faded. The glow in his eyes did likewise... and Thrawn, the last Grand Admiral, was gone."


Full gallery on Flickr

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I must say your MOC is... so artistically done. :wink:

Good job. He's one of the reasons I regret the old EU got cancelled.

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This is excellent! Even though in hindsight, I considered Thrawn to be way too mary sue-ish, I liked the Zahn books a lot and your moc does a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere in Thrawn's personal command room.

The hologram with projections is an interesting idea. The brick-built holograms of the art works though, those are simply stunning! Simple and effective! A great build overall! If anything, I would live to see an even bigger moc of those exact scenes.

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If anything, I would live to see an even bigger moc of those exact scenes.

Well, the whole scene is for a small competition on LUGPol, with one of the requirements that everything fits into one 16x16 baseplate.

The whole movie which is projected, was devised for a bigger phone, and what is more - due to smaller cut in the floor, not everything is projected on the holo wall.

But perhaps one day... And maybe with two cell phones?

For now, as it is I believe a first merger of such projection with Lego, we may consider it an experiment. For me - a successful one :).

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I've yet to read the Thrawn books but I have a few friends who loved them. I hope some writer for Star Wars: Rebels finds a way to sneak Thrawn into canon again...

I like the idea behind using a phone as a homograph effect.

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