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[Frozen Beyond, Cat C] : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?!

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This is my entry for Category C of the Frozen Beyond contest.

Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?!

During the Restauration of Falahuas, the team designed to repair the road access to Circardia, through the north of Falahuas, heard some strange rumors about snow and ice developping in the Guild.

They didn't expect to see snowing here, in the middle of the Enchanted Forest !

As they were going to fish in a little pool (a great fishing spot ! according to the locals...), two men of the team lead by Faladrin and his wife had been caught by snow fall.

They arrived at the pool and it was totally frozen !

And then, they saw THEM ! The Algus were there !

The poor two laborers tryed to flee but it was too late ! One of them received an icy bolt in the face and instantly froze to death !


The second laborer could reach the camp and warned Lord Faladrin who immediately lead an atttack team with Noihe, the leader of the artists, and a great swashbuckler, and of course with his wife, Walaheria, a powerful elf enchanteress.

They engaged battle with the deadly Algus but did not manage to deal some damaged until Walaheria brand her enchanted elvish sword and after saying some elvish words, the enchanted pearl glew of a fiery glance and the sword instantly melted the algus sorcerer !



Finally with this enchanted pearl made by the elves and some magic from the ancient elvish tradition it is possible to defeat the algus and their terrible frost !

- Great ! Your elvish magic is very strong ! Said Faladrin.

- Of course my Love, you doubt of it ? Walaheria replied.

- Oh no ! But I am always astonished to see your fiery pearl work.

- Hey ! Look ! It seems our ennemies were guarding something ! remarked Noihe.

- Oh yes is it an egg ?! Asked Faladrin

- erh... I think it is an egg of a Frostbite Dragon, a terrible monster from the Frozen Beyond, North to Midgardia. Answered Noihe. I heard of it once our troup were in tour in Midg...


Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard.


To be continued in the next Frozen Beyond topic I will post :laugh: !

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Nice little scene! I like the White gekund, but maybe your tree could use some improvement

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Very cool little battle sequence, I like how you built the Algus weapons with trans clear elements :thumbup: Good tie in storywise with your next build too :classic:

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