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This is my third freebuild this month. If you like it, any approvals are welcome.


"Do you, Lord Matteus Tomvaximus, take Elysabeth of Drondil as you wife?"

-"Yes, I do."


"Do you, Elysabeth of Drondil, take Lord Matteus Tomvaximus as your husband?"

-"Yes, I do."


"Then I now declare you man and wife. The rings..."


"You can now kiss each other."

Image deleted

"Oh, before I forget, here's a letter from the king. He gives you two a propertie on Nelissa and a ship. Oh, and a bottle of Felipe's apple cider."


When Elysabeth and Matteus walked outside of the town-hall, now married, there were no happier people in the known world.



Just a short build, but I had to do a build with that floor technique. Thank you all for the kind comments on my previous MOCs, CC is very appreciated.

Additional images:



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Yeeeeey, they are married!!!!

Lord Maximilian Damaximus wishes Matteus and Elysabeth a long and joyfull marriage!!


Great MOC! The floor is awesome, just like the wall texture!


I only discovered how great the MOC was when I saw the additional images. The quality of the first 2 pics is really bad, so I would advice to redo those shots and make a nice overal shot with figs pirate_satisfied.gif

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Nice interior, I especially like the floor technique, the wall texturing and the stair. :classic:

You are really fast in producing new builds!

Please repost pics 1,2 and 4 else this MOC loses presentation-wise

I agree, at least the first two are not "keepers" in my opinion due to the technical errors (camera shake in #1 and missed focus in #2). A short depth of field is great for emphasizing a single minifig, but the focus must be dead on the minifig's face in order for it to work.

Edited by Gideon

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Yeah ! The first wedding ! Great !

Great floor technique of course.

I agree with Gideon, the 2 first photos are not top quality and the MOC looses presentation because of that.

By the way, good build and I like the stairs and floor.

Long live the newly weds ! POOo..oOP ! (Sound of a bottle of Apple Cider opening...)

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I love a wedding with an open bar. I think I had too much rum. The first couple of photos look blurry.

Good work on the floor. Are those tiles stacked horizontally? I may have to pirate the idea. pirate_laugh2.gif

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This is a neat concept and the build itself is fine; however some of the photos leave a little to be desired. But that's been covered already so I won't dwell on it. I do think a good overview pic with the minifigs and accessories would help the presentation tremendously, especially considering that the floor technique isn't highly visible in the first several photos.

I don't often see the new-style plume used as a pen; I like it better than I thought I would. The desk and chair look pretty good but they're barely visible.

You've used that wall technique several times now. Have you considered using all masonry brick pieces - maybe with a stripe in a different color somewhere, or with windows? This looks fine, but a little variety is nice and it would be pretty easy on this scale.

The flagholder and steps both look nice but the front border looks unfinished against the smooth floor. I'm guessing you didn't want a tile layer protruding above the hardwood floor?

The last pic of the couple looks nice - she especially looks adventurous - but he doesn't look at all happy (as the story indicates). I understand if you wanted to use a particular face for him, but still I think a happier exp<b></b>ression would be better!

Show them kissing!

Anyway, this is a pretty nice build that would benefit from a little tweaking of the presentation. Hope I'm not being too critical :) Best of luck for everyone as the story progresses!

Edited by Captain Dee

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A very nice build. Great use of that floor technique! I would have liked a flat border, but it's okay. If you just do something with those first two pictures, you'll have my approval!

...Show them kissing!...

Might be a little hard with both of them having breastplates? pirate_laugh2.gif

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All the best for the newly wed couple!

And the floor technique really looks great. Pity is that it takes an enormous amount of bricks (60-70), even for a small room.... pirate_cry4.gif

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