MOC – Mobile Command Unit

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Happy new year everyone!

Before Christmas I could finish my lastest project for my fictional Fire Department of the City of Farnheim. This huge new mobile command unit (MCU) replaces an old bus. These kind of trucks are common in cities with more than 400,000 residents here in Germany. Based on an regular truck chassis it has a typical boxed body that can be expanded at the passenger side to increase the room's space. Equipped with high end communication and radio features to handle huge incidents.

I've build a five studs wide box to get the right scale for the expansion. The rest is classically 4wide. I attached most of the details to the roof, like an air condition, a few antennas, a satellite dish and a red flash light (that locates the command unit for others at scenes). Freshly arrived at the main fire station it got its first "very close inspection" by some of the firemen.









Btw, I got the ideas mostly from here and here (German text version only).

Hope you like it. Thanks for watching!

Bright red regards,

Maik aka Farnheim

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My gosh, the cab and tires make me feel about 25 years younger! :thumbup: Now the police force will want at least two of their own! :laugh: :laugh: Nice work!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Wow! That is an amazing MOC. I would not expect more from Lego itself. You have designed the best fire related vehicle in Lego that I have vet seen. Brick on!

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Thank you for sharing. Been wanting a mobile command for my fire HQ but had no idea where to start. This has helped hugely.

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