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Millenium Falcon wall mounting

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(Excuse my english i'm french, i hopeyou will understand my message).

Greetings ^^

I officially have just launched my collection Lego Star Wars. Santa brought me the centerpiece : the Millennium Falcon. I precise that it is not the 10179, but the "kid" model.

Since it is quite large and I can not predict piece dedicated to this collection, I thought hang from the ceiling or even better wall mounting .

Someone would have an idea or feedback that could serve me?

thank you and good evening

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Hello Baldy,

There is a topic about a wall mount for the 10179. Maybe you can adapt that one to the 7965 or the 75105.



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Although I have posted this before.... (I am not trying to be redundant... I promise!) this applies so well to your question I will post again. Years ago I did exactly what you are proposing. I rebuilt Lego 7965, much, much bigger.


and then built a mount, mostly out of Lego Technic ....


additional details to the mount can be found here: but essentially I just bought a small tv mount from an electronics store and built the mount from Technic from there. It hoplds very very well and I have never had a problem with it (well.....not from the mount anyways). I used NO Kragle sauce, and things have held fine for years.

One small caution, however, is that it may be easy to assume that wall anchors are not necessary because..... well... it is only Lego and therefore does not weigh much right? Wrong!

1398309237m_SPLASH.jpg (hyperdrive is DOWN)

The only problem I even had with my mount was incorrectly assuming that I would not need anchors. The above is the result. Rebuilt the Falcon from memory, remounted the mount with anchors and never had a problem again. I have since moved, remounted the beast again, with anchors, and again have had no problem with this holding the 3,000ish pieces of the build. Feel free to browse my pages for more info. or PM me if still have questions.

again I need to reiterate that the above is NOT a problem with the mount, but the fact that originally I did not use wall anchors. IMO mounting an MF on the wall is a great way to show off your model and very safe.... Just remember to use wall anchors! :wink: :wink:

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If you don't want to be able to move the Falcon and just want to mount it vertically on the wall (which best shows it's unique shape anyway), just do the following:

1. Remove the top and bottom gun turret disks to expose the inner core frame.

2. Make a strong loop of heavy cord/light rope (I used thick guy line) so that is right over the top of the core frame. You can do it so the falcon is at 0/45/90 degrees depending how you locate the loop/

3. Have the loop just long enough to extend out the bottom to hook over a strong, screw-in masonry anchor with a hook end.

4. Hang the Falcon from the loop and the weight and angle of the rope will pull the landing gear against the wall and it will sit quite securely

5. Replace the top gun turret.

Also long as you go OTT with the cord (I used a bit of 100KG Paracord) and a meaty masonry anchor, it will be perfectly secure. Plus it is very easy to left down.

The hardest part is having the strength to hold the Falcon vertically with one hand by the top of the core frame while hooking it up.

You may have to modify a few panels to get they to stay put while vertical but I found it worked fine.

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