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I am starting here a moc about Coruscant that will include:

Senate Building

Republic Executive Building

Padme' Apartment

Republic Shipyard with Acclamator Assault Cruisers as seen at the end of EP II

Coruscant Underworld 1313

Scenes from above Coruscant: Battle of Coruscant, Naboo Escort and Republic LAAT

carrying Obi-Wan, Mace and Yoda

I post here some interesting points of progress every now and then,

starting with Naboo Fighter for the escort and Senate Podium for the Senate Rotunda.

Naboo Fighter still needs some minor upgrades but pretty much ready. It has two spring-loaded

shooters that can be launched by pressing a button at the bottom or by pulling the joystick in the cockpit.

The canopy slides also open by pressing a button, there are fiber wires to make this happen inside.

Inside the structure there is a blue proton torpedo that can be launched up to 3 meters by pulling a button.



With senate podiums I try to make an optical illusion by building them in three different sizes to make the rotunda

look enormous. The minifigure scaled podiums are to be accessed from the great hall of the Senate Complex.





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It will be approximately 4 x 6 "modules" in size, where a module is 32 x 32 studs plate.

We use them in our Finnish LUG "Palikkatakomo" to build enormously big collective builds.

Senate building itself will be 2 x 2 modules at its bottom, so not very much bigger than two

official star destroyers side by side. The optical illusions and other tricks are the way to make

it look enormous.

Here is the idea of the scale (texts in Finnish, sorry):


So the underground of Coruscant will be 10 bricks tall and above it will be microscale buildings next to

these mammot buildings that can accomodate minifigures.

I'm just not patient enough not to share some in progress pics... ;)


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Good luck on this! I really like the scaling pods idea, there haven't been too many mocs that attempt the senate chambers room, and I am really interested in your interpretation of the central Chancellor's podium.

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